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Anyone well enough to be able to travel abroad should have come across the health questions that are asked by the insurers, after going through the questions myself recently I was surprised that they ask if illnesses like diabetes and anxiety/depression are under control and if I have missed any appointments or taken time off work, if you are working, but there are no questions at all about fibromyalgia which I find really hard to beleive because this ilness has caused me the most problems.

Anyone else come accross this.

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  • I think it is covered by any other illness , I always mention. Mind you fibro has never caused me an emergency admission

  • Yes, I've recently been abroad and had to check Fibro didn't affect the policy. It didn't and when I asked why I was told that the chances of needing treatment for it abroad was unlikely. My husband on the other hand has a heart condition, on melds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so we had to either pay a hefty premium or have them excluded from the policy. 😄

  • Hi, just so you know there are options although you may not want to go this route, I have an Advantage Gold bank account with Nat West, which costs me around £14 per month (expensive I know). For this, I get free insurance on white goods, various other benefits, like full breakdown cover anywhere in the UK and most important of all which is why I stay with such an expensive account, I get full cover travel insurance. As long as I book a hol on my credit card then I'm covered and they know all my conditions, stroke (which left me disabled), heart attack and Fibromyalgia but I'm still covered for everythnig and I don't have to ask I just ring each time I'm able to travel and once I let them know, I am fully covered. Its just so worth it to me because if I went to general insurers with all my conditions they probably wouldnt touch me with a barge pole!

  • Thats nice to know Faymoss that you get cover from your bank but do you get a copy of the insurance certificate listing, or rather an odd on listing all the medical conditions covering you and anyone on that insurance. Its very important to know especially with countries outside europe, which dont have state medical assistance which in europe you can ask for the same medical treatment as the locals, but an insurance policy should also cover for if you had to be flown back home by special plane or something like that. I myself always travel with my insurance policy and make sure all this is covered.

    Apoligies if you do get this via your Nat West insurance but I just thought its worth pointing out also some insurances state that they will cover you with the exemption of your conditions which i would not reccomend.

  • I have the same with the Halifax and defo with all my ailments .its really worthwhile having

  • I have come across this as I have Chronic Asthma and COPD to mention a few conditions. However, it has never affected anything. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • When I had to visit my mum in America last February, I used Goodtogo insurers. I declared every illness & every medication, & they ask you the last time you had to visit a doctor/hospital for each condition. I found them very helpful. My daughter has lupus & travel all over with her PhD. & she finds them helpful as well. Infact, she recommended them.

  • I have had major problems finding affordable travel insurance since being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, back pain and depression. One company wanted £100 per week whilst I was in the USA. My wife and I used to have an annual policy for Worldwide travel for £75.

    It seems to me that you get penalised by insurance companies when you declare a disability and / or longstanding illness.

    I was fortunate in the end to obtain insurance via a retirement group that I am a member of.

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