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Hi All, I know that this has probably already been discussed at some pint but i cant see any tags for it. Can you please suggest some places that I can get travel insurance from that know and understand FM? I might be going away for a week next month and normally wouldnt get travel insurance for FM - just normal insurance but my FM has been really bad this year and i dont want to take any chances!!!!!


Jo xx

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  • Hi Jo

    Normally any kind of medical cover excludes pre-existing conditions. What is it that you want to be able to get from your insurer?

  • Hi Kaz, I just want a travel insurer that covers FM? I wasnt sure if any one knew of any good insurer's that they had used before.

    Jo x

  • Hi Kaz. Whenever I have contacted insurers about travel insurance for FM I have been told that it is not a notifiable illness and therefore a normal cover will do. Double check with a few, but you should be ok to even use the cheapest normal one..

    Gail x

  • I have cover with a high st bank on my account, phoned them and apparently covered for no extra cost ,when I took the account out they told me to phone the insurance cover people straight away, and I could cancell it if I wasn't happy, don't think I'm allowed to mention who they are on here.

  • I have never had a problem,like Gail said it is not a notifiable illness and I get insurance every year for Europe and USA. I go online and my insurance for the year is about £25 / £30

  • Ok thank you all. Do we have to declare it then if its not a notifiable illness?

    Sorry if i am being really stupid, I havent mentioned it before but i have been really bad this year and dont want to take the risk.


    Jo xx

  • i have had fibro 11 years never once declared as it not a illness .yes you feel bad this year but to be fair i cant see you been taken ill while away .the break will do you good.but if you feel the need to get treatment while away just tell them you have fibro?and take your e11 with you

  • if you say you have a ongoing condition the will ask the name and then say it is not on the list so it is fine

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