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letter from the hospital

hi to show you how silly the doctors are a letter came yesterday from my local hospital saying you have to come in for a op and that was all no why or anything . So let my start my story with once upon a time well here we go I have 4 prolapse disc so I was sent for the epidural plus another one in April and 2 days later it was not doing anything for the pain so on my 6 week assessment I was at the hospital to see the doc again . so in I walked with the mind set of "ok its not worked so can we now go for the op " doc "no as you have just been diagnosed with diabetes sorry all I can do is give you lidercain patches " now dont' get me wrong they are fab on a( normal day) I say with a tunge in the cheek sorry go away and if the pain in your legs gets moor in the leg than the back then come back and we will do the op ( so why not do it now to save the pain I am in now no to many complications ) so you will do it then and not now I can't get may head around that one but I digress . so I go away trying to get my head around that one but I can just get it around the corner let a loan a doctors thinking and yesterday I gets this letter so I phones up my docs the hospital and even the doctors secretary " sorry I don't know anything about it you will have to talk to the addmin sec I will leave a knot for her to call you . Then as good as her word she left the not and I gets a call this morning " Oh it is to come in to have the epigural " sorry about the spelling . but I had that in April and it was the same doc who do it in the first place " oh sorry but I was just given a list with you name and told all these people have been waiting a long time to get it so book them in . so now that is the end of my little story . and the moral of the tail we have fibro fog so no one expects us to remember and wee right every thing down these people are supposed to know what they are doing what a joke so to end my tail I say thank you for sitting down to hear my little tail . so the story will go on and with a bit of look I will meat someone who knows what they are doing and can tell me what to do and where to go so I could say good by to well at least one pain so good by for now and no doute we will meat again

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Perhaps unbeknown to them they have undiagnosed fibro and it is one of their foggy periods. You just have to laugh at the ineptitude of it. I know I kept on pestering them for an appt for a small op that I had been promised a date for asap. They kept on telling me that I had already been sent an appt and I said "no I haven't received anything". This scenario went on for weeks and the docs were getting quite tetchy with me. I said please contact specialists secretary for me as this is getting beyond a joke as by that time I was feeling very poorly. It was only when the other woman, the scary bit - same name, same age, same problem but who lived in the next town asked the specialists secretary why she was being sent letters with a date for an operation she had already had done that they realised their mistake.

Hope you don't have to write too many chapters to your story before you can write the final one. Soft hugs.x


It ceases to amaze me my friend. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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