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Where do these people come from that decides on are p.I.p Mars I think

They have given me living component but not mobility why when when I'm as I'll on the both .They don't live my life and struggle everyday .They don't see my tears when I can't play with my little girl .they must think I can't do things at home but outside I must be out go running. Well no. thanks to them my life outside is really a no go area .Been a very hard and painfully week no break from pain getting to be the same every week really low if it wasn't for my girls and husband I say stuff this world so if anyone ever reads this thats reads these this what my illness and people like you who makes these decision s about are lives you know nothing about does to people like me.

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Gentle hugs, can you appeal the mobility component result? If you have a blue badge or other evidence about how far you can walk you can submit that as evidence as well.

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I am so very sorry to read that you have not bee awarded the mobility component, and that you have been struggling so badly with your Fibro. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. You can appeal the decision if you wanted to?

All my hopes and dreams for you



hi i received the the mobility component at the lowest rate but not the daily living its quite mad if you have fibro and all its other emcumberances you would think that it would be the same for all

i asked for a reconsideration and was told again no so im now going to appeal . nothing ventured nothing gained

its such a faff they dont want to give you nothing .

these people are not clinicians but they seem to have the ability to be a rheumatologist/ pysiciatrist gastroenterologist and whatever else . why are they not working in the nhs with there amazing multi expertise in health . makes of a nonsence in having expert clinicians in there field

excuse spelling i cant do it anymore .

my advice is dont let the system get you down thats what the dwp want . go for an appeal . you have nothing to lose . and a chance to explain how you are affected on a daily basis without having to have you symtoms/ inabilitys not fitting the box

ive just had the whole winter in pain and stiffness and have only the summer to look forward to but will probably be in the same state as the heat makes me worse .

looking after children is a challenge at the best of times but if you incapicited due to fybro / arthitis ibs etc its depressing to find you just cant cope .

i find most people look on and think its all in your head as no one can see the pain . i would like to invent a monitor that you wear like a nuclear power station monitor . that lights up ever time your in pain in various degrees of colour depending on how much pain your movements make . mine and others would be like the northern lights lol

if you had more money you could pay someone to do the stuff that knackers you leaving you to use what strength you have to concetratate on your little girl but they dont seem to see it that way

its all designed to give you as little financial support as they can get away with .

they will be putting the sick and stuffed down the coal mines soon .

out of sight out of mind .

i had a visit from a nice lady who when i told her that i had fybro etc she said thats horrible its such a incapaciting ilness she visits lots of people and has come across it time and time again .

think the dwp should et these descistion makers to meet a load of us and make them listen to what life is like . in constant pain .

i used to be a mad for it down hill skier and cyclist - always on the go . seems like i was a different person then to how i am know . it takes a lot of adapting to and its soooo frustrating not earning and having the life where you could plan holidays weekends etc

so its stay home and be miserable in pain now wonder we get depressed .

its like youve got an ilness so your life has to fail too .

ok rant over keep going at them and pray they get it then they will realise what its all about


Thank you I am going to appeal firstly they are ringing me back in the week but I already know what they are going to say No . since doing my forms in January I have got worse and had my ankles give way twice really bad week this week not in the best of moods with all this pain its so hard each day I feel I can't take anymore . questions on about about about on Friday


Sorry must of of tap wrong button s on last line above my hands are not the best today or any day come to think .your


alsson you must go to werlfare rights or citizens advice to get help with your form filing and appeal

its really important they know how to fil in these forms corectly and what to say in the right context


The same thing has happened to me, I was awarded daily living but no mobility! I would love these people to live our lives for a week!! X


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