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Mental illness and fybomaya

Hi I'm new on hear what I'm finding hard is getting mental health support worker too to understand my physical needs and not just my psychological needs as I fybomaya lupus and other health ploblems I try to explain I'm in pain ect I know it's a complex illness but if they could understand a bit more or listen what it's like just getting out off bed in the morning when your pain stressed to your still tried just wondering how your going to cope with the day ahead

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Unfortunately they still see it as you need to keep busy and occupied to promote your Mental Health .

Its suppose to be a holistic approach and you are suppose to be at the Centre of your Care Plan so they should bear in mind your physical illness as well.

However the focus appears to be get everyone off the pain relief as long term it does no good and focus on other treatments

Which would be all well and good if they where available long term and without a waiting list .


Do you have anyone who can be with you when you see your support worker? It's always more difficult for health professionals to ignore you when there's someone backing up what you're saying.

It might help to keep a diary as fibro can ( to me anyway) seem like one big mess of tiredness and pain . A diary helps separate the symptoms so he/she can see what occurs at what time.

This is a person who should be on your side, listening to you and I hope you can get that.


Thankyou I will start writing it down and when I see her next show her as yes when I'm having a flare up then I'm mess both mentally and physically or the other way round

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I'm really sorry that you are struggling so much at the moment. I wonder would it be possible to get your support worker to come to your house for a few hours so they could see and maybe understand more about how you feel and the affect it has on you?? Xxx


She has come my home I've only been diagnosed with fybomaya six months ago and have a new cpn support worker when I told her about my condition she said that didn't surprise her with my history and now it's not to talk about its like they can't talk about the physical needs and the doctor can't take about the mental health side just be nice

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It is so frustrating isn't it! I really hope that you manage to get the help you need!


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