Tramadol & Naproxen Side Effects

I have been on these two meds for about a year now & my husband was wary about me starting Tramadol as he has very bad nightmares when he was on it. I have not found that Tramadol has caused anything like this for me, but I have started hearing noises....... No, not like that, I mean my tinnitus has become really weird, it is louder & more noticeable, & also I have noticed that noises, like my husband's alarm clock for instance, are being repeated in my head. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was alone in my house, resting with the tv off, trying to doze, when I distinctly heard a man's voice say something, (I can't say on here what he said as it was a rude swear word.), & it came from the back of my head, as though he was behind me.

Also, I have seen articles about problems with long term use of Ibuprofen. I have been on Lansoprazole for acid reflux for many years now & have recently been getting increased attacks of heart burn & my hubby is concerned about how many rennies I am taking & how I sometimes have to take an extra Lansoprazole at night to settle my tum.

I am seeing a gastro cons at the hospital on 10th Sept about it, but wondered if it's all just side effects from my meds, if I just need to adjust my meds?


Julie63 xxx

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  • speak to GP. tramadol can cause mental disturbances which can present in various ways x

  • Hi Julie

    I am on all three you mention I have not had anything of what you say you have had. But I have been on tramadol for two years now and it does only take the edge off of the pain I am off to the pain clinic next month so I will see what they have to say to take.

  • try taking two paracetamol at the same time as the tramadol. xxx

  • Hi,

    Low magnesium levels can make sounds , etc louder and also affect our hearing in other ways. It may not be the tramadol at all. I would speak to your GP.



  • Thanks all for your replies. I have got a doctor's apt for Monday pm. I'll let you know what he has to say after then.

    Cheers again,

    Julie xxx

  • Hi All, just to say that my GP has stopped the slow release Tramadol's & has put me on 50mg caps instead, 1 or 2 to be taken four times a day, as needed. So I've been taking them at the same time I take my paracetamol's. Am feeling a lot of pain in my back at the mo, been stripping my son's bed & tidying some of his carpet, so you can actually see the carpet now! But it's nearly time to take my next meds, so hopefully they'll kick in before I go shopping for his birthday cards & cake making stuff - he's asked for me to make him his birthday cake rather than buying a shop made one, so, as I'm feeling this energetic, I'll crack on with it! Think it's as a result of not taking the slow release Tramadol - has also helped getting a good night's sleep!

    Julie xxx

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