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Finally a good nights sleep

Had to share so revigorated that after being of work sick for almost two months with everything fibromyalgia can through at you at one time, and having listened to my body most days I have had the best nights sleep no wake up call to the toilet or anything and feel like I have had proper sleep. Today is a good day. How long it will last will see but will be nice to get back to work in next couple of weeks x

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I'm so pleased for you Wendy, when one has been so sleep deprived for such a long time it really makes everything so much harder to handle doesn't it? I hope that your new way of listening to your body brings you many more such nights of good restorative sleep👍🏻😀

Sending positive healing vibes your way😀

Foggy x

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Thank you yes does help put life back in balance when a good sleep is achieved have had second one now feeling positive but our landlord has just sent us a letter saying they selling the property so has given us two months notice, so once this has sunk in don't think will be getting any sleep, so fed up of renting!!


Congratulations do you want to share how this sleep was achieved?

I have meds to help me relax but that does not mean a decent sleep

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Hello think was just luck and shear exhaustion really no secret or magic pill. Just listening to my body has helped a lot don't think will last long as reply to above we have been given notice on the house we living in as landlord is wanting to sell property. I have had enough of renting.

I do do a lot of deep breathing before settling down for sleep and does sometimes help and take all my night time pain relief an hour before I go to bed to give them chance to work and no tea or coffee after six in the evening it doesn't always work as that was first time in two months that I had slept like that I don't think there is a sure fire way just routine maybe. Sorry can't help more than that.

But sending luck your way 😜


That is wonderful to read and i want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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