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Help Assessment diray


I am supposed to not go swimming to get PIP I have wrote a diray since getting my form I go swimming with my friend once or twice a week never make plans just do it if I can.

I have put this in my diray I want to be as honest as I can yes some days I manage it,but it's the only thing I can do cause it's in water and I go in the jacuzzi which helps with the pain some weeks I make it some I don't.

Are they going to see this as ho well she doesn,t need mobility because with out my car I would never go out unless it was by taxi or a lift because of my bowels.

Hum what do I do leave it in the diray or take it out. But I am a honest person and always have put good and bad days.?

Help please

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They will attempt to use this or any activity against people in my opinion. Try to use it in your favour and explain your difficulties as mentioned above and perhaps work out the average figure of how often you can/cannot do this activity, that it is a therapeutic activity. You are unable to do this activity reliably, repeatedly, safely, etc., you need to be supported in this transport wise etc.

Hope this is of some help.


Newquay in reply to Hidden

Ho I have never been on my own and wouldn,t cause I just never know.



In my opinion you are not being dishonest if you do not volunteer information that may be detrimental to your case. If you get asked about swimming then obviously you need to say something but emphasise the role your friend plays in helping you.

I know it feels like going against the grain not to be fully open with DWP, but they will pick up on the slightest thing that shows you can move freely, make decisions and dress yourself without aid. They are not really interested in the pain, only that you can do it.

Witholding information is not the same as lying, just being economical with the truth. It is sad it has come to this state but needs must.

Newquay in reply to bluebell99

Thank you for your help. I have decided not to continue with the diray I never did one before and I haven,t donee every day any way cause I forget to do it,lol

Not going to take it with me, and only answer what I am asked think that's best.

Kind regards



hi their its great that your writing out a dairy together it will help you as you go a long don't be put off if something goes wrong just put it right the next time bigalan

I can see that you are not going to continue with the note making so I will just genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Newquay in reply to TheAuthor

Ho well I have changed my mind , I don't want to hide anything at all,

What are we not suposed to have some sort,of life or at least try.

It's like I said before I hurt if I don't do anything, but hurt more if I do.

They got to understand yes we do have better days. Are we not aloud, because trust me if I didn't and was bad all the time stuck in bed can't move without great pain need pulling out of be to go to bath room, can't get dressed , can't Evan make a brew.

I would have no hesitation what so ever to take my own life.

I have had these bad thoughts before and the only thing that has stopped me is what it would do to my children and that it,s not all bad.

Don't worry because I am not,in that frame of mind I am going to fight them all the way.

So what if I loose my car, so what if I don't get any money, they will have to,pay some one to come and help us instead of us paying.

The car yes I would real miss it wouldn't get out a lot.

Any appointment I have with hospital they can provide in stead of my husband. They have the facilities I will use them. Cost them more in the end.

I use what we get nearly every penny to help us manager better.

And I will tell the assessment this as well.

If I have to try to do more I will end up in hospital more,.

Anyway had my moan.

Thanks for caring doing this at 5.22 am can't sleep .

TheAuthor in reply to Newquay

Good luck and I genuinely hope that you manage to get a good sleep tonight x

Hi, I submitted a diary with my PIP form and based it on a recent week when I was unable to do any extra activities (ie worst days). I didn't take a diary to my assessment with me and it wasn't requested.

I wasn't asked about if I do any exercise or social activities, however I did tell the assessor that I horse ride every week, with assistance from someone bringing in horse, tacking up, helping me mount etc etc. I told them that I wanted it put on the record, as I didn't want to have someone report me later on saying "she can't be disabled, she can horse ride!" The assessor made a note of it & said that It shouldn't make any difference. I was awarded higher rate mobility & care.

So, from my experience, if u do decide to do a diary I would leave the swimming out, but tell them about it in the assessment, when u can go into more detail, making it clear that you need to go with someone, if you need help getting in & out of pool, drying, etc & that you can only go when u are well enough.

Good luck x

Newquay in reply to agtf1

Thank you so much for that .i have left it in the diray as we have to have a not just stay in and I actually do have some one who goes with me every time I go and I only go about once or twice a month.

Morning newquay

I think you're right, I feel as though people think we shouldn't have a life.

I didn't take diary, forgot it to be honest. But I did just say how much pain and help my husband has to do.

I.e. pull me out of bed in night to get to the loo. Cook my meals,even chop my food, when hands so painful.

Sometimes in the assessment I just carried on telling him how much pain and help I need even if he didn't want to know.

People just don't understand, there not the ones, sitting up in the early hours,in agony.

We know that we can't let this win, we want to have a life to even though we are in pain and tired..

Like you I had so much help from husband and daughter,which if they didn't do it someone else would have to!!

Hope all goes well for you, let me know.

Oh and I am up most mornings at 5 so if you want to talk pm me,

Gentle hugs

Trace x

Newquay in reply to milo4

Thank you so much . I am going to take mine with me got about 3 weeks worth now . Let's face it if we didn,t do anything why would I need a car?

Need to have a bit of a life.

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