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Fibro and Your Diet

Hello everyone

How are you all?

I've written a little blog about some drastic changed being made to my diet, and how fibro has affected my diet and eating habits.

How have your eating habits and diet changed since becoming ill, are you still able to prepare your own meals on a regular basis? Do you get help from an outside company?

Wishing you all lots of wellness ready for the weekend.

Karen xx

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Hi smartcarkaz

Thank you so much for your insightful and interesting blog. I hope that the ready meals are tasty and look appetising? I have found the need to amend my diet with the onset of Fibro, and I was already diagnosed with Lactose intolerance prior to my Fibro diagnosis.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks Ken.

What else have you had to change apart from going lactose free?

Karen xx

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I have now been told (after multiple testing) that I am allergic to soya, red fruits, bananas, latex and saccharin. As a result of my asthma and COPD I am also allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen.

I had a spell of not eating gluten and felt much better for it but I am a sucker for bread but only from a local craft bakery as I cannot risk having soya flour.

Take care my friend

Ken x x

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I hardly ever eat...:'( I've read up on things to avoid with fibromyalgia (nightshade plants) and avoid these, I no longer drink alcohol or sugar free drinks or eat bread, I don't often prepare meals for myself but have my 3 grandchildren and son over every Wed and cook for them all!...:-D :-D most of the time I just don't feel hungry and survive on a couple of bananas or a slice of cake! I have found that I enjoy sweeter things now and crave chocolate, but limit myself with it!! I do drink gallons of tea....=-O =-O I have lost just over 2 and a half stones in 7 months and feel/look better for it!(I was overweight) ...much


Wow how do you survive on so little most of the week. I get grumpy if I don't know where my next meal is! xx


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