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Love FibroAction. Wish doctors saw and understood what everyone with fibro goes through!

Doctors should study this forum. You learn such a lot about fibro here. It's interesting and kind of encouraging to hear so many other people have similar or same problems. Doctors, particularly those who don't believe in fibro or simply don't believe us, should be forced to read it to understand that people are crying out in so many ways describing all sorts of pains and other symptoms. The fact these are common to so many of us should mean something to them... and you'd hope they'd finally begin to get an idea of how we feel and how truthful we are when we complain or ask for help.

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Hi Apple4me

I hope that you are as well as can be? I'm with you all the way! I don't believe that these doctors enter medicine just for the money, as when they first start and are young they are so keen and eager to help heal the afflicted. I have said before on the forum that the systems and procedures are the to blame. It 's akin to a great darkness that comes and sweeps all asunder after years of being a GP! I think they have been ground down many of them but that is no defense for poor practice at all. If a person wants to be a doctor then they should afford the same professional standards whether it is their first day on the job or their last.

I have been fortunate to have an excellent GP but I am more than aware many on the forum have not! It is time that we changed their minds by campaigning and creating awareness of Fibromyalgia.

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x


I once suggested something simelor to my doctor, he was not amused...hugs to you both ..Damn it`s a struggle trying to find the rite letters today and rememering how to spell


I had that the last few days Sue took me ages to type anything and then I'd look at it and it read like double dutch :o

Not good for someone like me who tends to type a lot either :(

Have some {{{{sue}}}} fluffie hugs xx


Hey Apple how are you feeling today?

I couldn't agree with you more :)

I've often suggested it, some of my doc type people were familiar with this site already and one or two still don't believe its a condition in is own right meaning the site was of no interest to them. My GP is fine though he recommended lots of sites to me when I eventually got diagnosed which in turn lead me here :)

I think the phrase is 'you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink'

Its a crying shame too because the pain and emotion behind each and everyone of us should be proof enough.

Fluffie hugs xxx

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi all, yes I agreed with Apple 4me, this morning I went to my doc,& basically he said it was all in my head& 2treat the brain rather than the condition, even thought I've been diagnosed 5yrs back! I simply don't understand what his problem is I have been on many different tablets over the yrs, I really am pissed of to say the least, what does every1 think??should I go bk r not? He did give me stronger tablets but to be honest I take a lot of other strong painkillers allready&feel craps, fink he just wants to keep me susdated &another to bother him with my problems:-(



wouldn't that be great! Just reading the posts here , the ones where we are suffering, even the ones where we try and pull ourselves up with laughter, would give them so much information. It would make a huge difference.

Maybe, one day………



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