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HealthUnlocked: a new venture

Opening up the FibroAction HealthUnlocked community is a new venture for us at FibroAction.

We have previously avoided having a forum on our website, because of the time it takes to properly look after and moderate a forum - and the problems you can run into if a forum is not well moderated. However, our experiences with Facebook have shown that people living with Fibro want and need a space to connect with others living with Fibro and to ask questions they can't get answered elsewhere. My fellow trustee Lynn came across HealthUnlocked through her contact with the Hughes Syndrome Foundation and felt that it was an option worth exploring, so here we are.

The HealthUnlocked community offers a new kind of online community for charities and we hope it will work well for the people who find FibroAction and want to connect with other people living with Fibro.

If you want to share your experiences, write a blog. If you have a question you want to ask, ask away in the Questions area. Have fun!

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Hi Lindsay and anyone reading this.....It is really exciting for FibroAction and sufferers of FMS to have another place to write, share, ask questions, get support and generally make this life changing and dreadful illness more well known and accepted in society. It is not just an illness in someones head, it is REAL!!! I have a passion of fighting for what what I believe in and making people with this illness believed and accepted. I look forward to writing blogs and speaking to others. xx


Great to see you on board HealthUnlocked. We run the coeliac gluten free forum. We know a lot of our members were told they had Fibro before being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and have many who have problems after diagnosis with Fibro symptoms. So we hope to be able to do some guest cross blogging with you in the future & will refer our members to your site.


Hi Fiona, would love to guest blog and have a Coeliac guest blog also!


Hi Lindsey,

well done on getting on board with the Health Unlocked community. I hope that this community takes off as much as the other and similer to Fiona offer I run the Hughes Syndrome Foundation forum and i know we have a lot of things that cross over and i loom forward to reading the blogs and posts as i have fibro and Hughes Syndrome so good luck and happy to help any way i can .

Hello Lynn you look lovely!

speak soon



Hi lindsey

congratulations on getting this community up n running. I too have fibro n Hughes syndrome so know of paddy n Lynn from the Hughes syndrome site where I help as an admin.

Nice to see Lynn too.

Hope all well today

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx fibro:-) :-) :-)


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