Dads funeral

Morning. This is a follow up from a week or so ago. On Thursday we sent Dad on his way to be with mum. The last 2 weeks have been up and down. Thursday was very hard and incredibly emotional. We gave him a fantastic send off. The church was packed. Knowing how well respected he was, was a great comfort. My family pulled together like never before. We blew up balloons for people to put their own messages on, then my gorgeous niece released them altogether with a rapturous applause. I am so very proud of my family. DAD. I miss u so much. Life is very hard at the moment without u. Fly high my hero.

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  • It sounds like that you sent him off in style. May he rest in peace. Hopefully you will be okay. My thoughts are with you and may you gain strength from what you have been through. Hugs

  • Thank u. It has certainly taking its toll on my body. I had a lidocaine infusion on Thurs as well. Not sure how long it takes to kick in or if it even will but at the moment I am in agony. That could be stress that's exacerbated the fibro. Who knows

  • Fibro does seem to have a mind of its own.

  • It sure does. Springs into life whenever it likes

  • And of course at the times we least need it. Your father will be looking down and being very proud of the way you have all united in your grief to give him the very best possible send off. Now you need to take time for you to grieve and recover at your own pace. I lost my mother 23 years ago and still miss her like crazy every day and wish she was back with me, however my father died 3 years ago and as ours was not such a close relationship, I have come to terms with it much more quickly, possibly also because he had lived life to the age of 90 instead of 70, which my mother was when she died.

    Sending lots of positive healing and strengthening vibes your way, along with condolences !!

    Foggy x

  • I lost my mum 36 years ago when I was 12. It still hurts now.

  • Gosh, so that must have made the relationship with your dear father so much stronger.........I'm so so sorry 💔

  • Yes we were very close. Feel like Iv lost part of me.

  • I so understand that feeling, it was and is still the same way for me about Mummy. I would like to say it gets easier with time, I wouldn't say that is necessarily the case, one just becomes used to it being the case, not taking away the pain of the loss ...... Bless you 🌹

  • Thank u.

  • So glad everything went well and you got through it, he is at peace now and you will find the strength to get through this, take care.

  • You seem to have done your father proud. Now try and take care of yourself I think all the extra pain is because of the stress and all the things you have had to do. Be gentle with yourself.xx

  • Your dad will be very proud of you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • My heart aches for you as I know what its like to lose your parents. Take care and stay strong xx

  • Thinking of you at this incredibly sad time, I understand I too have lost both parents over 4 years ago. I can remember the heartache of losing my Dad, keep friends & family near and I hope you can take some comfort from the good times you had together.

    We are here to listen

    Emma x

  • Thank u. Nice knowing Iv got support on here

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