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Angry at my husband

My orthopedic surgeon (w/o my prompting) said I have peripheral neuropathy - sending me for another MRI and back to the neurologist. That was this week. My husband( who doesn't listen much did hear that) talked to his obese heavy smoker sister( who has been involved in medical scams- miracle cure type crap)- he said I have one word " aspartame"( in a rather smug voice). I said " if you listened to me- you would know I have been off ALL artificial sweeteners since late January". His sister has no answer for her own issues but always comes up with an "answer" for mine. I know he feels sorry for his sister but I don't see why her nonsense needs to intrude on my

life and my actual efforts to deal with my health.

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I can think of an answer to both your husband and his sister but I like it here and don't want to be banned...... I too have this diagnosis and am in the process of deciding the next move, mine is largely down to low Vitamin D over a long time and am on large dose, this is not a cure damage is done. We have all come across these miracle remedies and you should pay no heed to it just nod and move on, not worth your energy. All best wishes. Lou xx


I would continue to rise gracefully above it as you are at present. Also politely ask him not to share her medical knowledge with you as you have to concentrate on what the Consultant Neurologist is saying. Or not so politely if that works for you!

Take care of yourself your the only one who truly knows what you are going through.



I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this kind of situation while dealing with your condition. I totally understand what you're going through as I have an overstepping and non-rational family in law as well :) eventhough my husband does his best to show understanding, at the end of the day the "family magic" operates and it happens! I find myself watching people living my life and choosing what's best for me! With all this interference and trespassing, I can't help but dream of myself runing away to place where it does actually feel better cause far from all those negative involvements. For now keep taking care of yourself, only you can do it properly and never forget that you are the one who has this specific condition and not them!

Wish you all the courage and patience In the world



Again don't want to be banned but **** ***. But you keep your dignity as we have to feel sorry for silly people.


I agree with rise above gracefully! Let hubby know that you would prefer others to not know your medical condition, treatment or anything else. To please respect your privacy and to honor your wishes! That dealing with your condition has to be left up to the doctors and any other advice may very well end up hurting you! That was put as nicely as I could.


This is my suggestion though I know not always easy to implement such tolerance and acceptance when you are hurt:

Love and respect your husband for listening and understanding, but find somehow to tell him that, other than himself, nobody has to listen or know a **** thing. It breaks a confidence that should be kept and that is detrimental to a good partnership.

Whatever the case, do take care of yourself. There is a lot of good advice in the above posts, that you are the person who knows exactrly what you are going through. I also wish you courage to pull through this kind of ignorance.


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have peripheral neuropathy, and I sincerely hope that your appointment with the Neurologist goes well for you.

I agree with the other responders, in that I can think of a few answers to your husband and sister-in-law, but I have to set a good example as an Admin! On the subject of artificial sweeteners, I avoid them like the plague as I always tend to get Asthma and stomach upsets when I have used them.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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