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Had my pip home visit

I had a pip home visit on Monday, I have to say the person that

came to see my was really nice and very professional.

Unlike my visit to them lol,

Just have to wait see if they continue to pay me.

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Hope all goes well and you get what you deserve.

I have just received letter saying I have to fell in pip form.

Can I ask you what they did when they came to see you and what questions did they ask you.

I am so not looking falward to this I am 59 and only manage because I don't work.

Without my car I would never go out.

Thank for answer in anticipation of your reply.


There is not a lot to tell you, the lady was very polite and a calming tone,

She asked me what conditions I had and how they affected my everyday life.

I suffer really bad fibro fog and have trouble remembering times and dates and what happened yesterday/last week, she was very understanding.

The best advice is to have someone with you who knows and understands you and your illness as you will be nervous and tired and they can help you

They are not medically trained and not doctors, they input the questions you answer then they pass the information on to a doctor who makes says what your entitled too.

I hope this helps, if you need anymore info please ask



Thank you so much I am at the start of all this so will let you know how I go.


Good luck x


Hope you have a good outcome from the visit fingers crossed for you.x




hope you get a good outcome.


Thank you


Thank you so much guys will keep u informed of how it goes.

Not looking falward to all this stress I am nearly at retiring age and can do without it.


Hi tracypom, I'm waiting on my home assessment atm. Glad it went well for you. Can I ask what sort of stuff they asked you?


Jo x


Hi Jo

She just asked me what illnesses I have and how they affect my life,

My best advice is to have someone with you that knows you and understands how

Your illness affects your daily life, they are not doctors, they take down all what you say and your information is passed on to a doctor and then it's decided what you will receive.

I was really worried before she arrived

Good luck


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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Good luck hope you get it xx


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