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quick update

hi all, just a quickie as I've got to get to bed early - got GP appointment at 9am!

Been a bit better today, got my letter from Atos, but still not clear whether its for ESA or DLA, but I heard back from the advocacy service & they think that they will be able to help me, so I'm feeling slightly less stressed.

Friends took me out for coffee this morning, this was my first outing since my OD, it felt a bit weird but I am glad that I went.

My former PA (the one who came to my rescue) has asked if I'd like to give permission for her to act as a ????? can't think of the word, but so she can speak to the GP etc on my behalf as I'm alone here. I think it's a really good idea - she's very pro-active & level headed, just what I need. I wish that I could re-employ her as my PA but her other job would mean that she would be restricted to only one day a week with me & I've been told that I really need a few hours 3 or 4 times a week, so I don't know what to do. I trust her totally & we get on well, so maybe one day with her would be better than a few little bits with someone else? Hmmm

One bit of good news too, my divorce is set for Nov 9th, as it's uncontested it's just a formality now. It's sad that it went wrong but I'm so relieved that it will soon be over. We just need to sell the house now!!!!

Anyway I'm off to make a hot drink & toddle off to bed. I've had a few dreadful nights lately, so I'm hoping to sleep well tonight.

Bedtime hugs for all my fibro friends xxx

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Hi Cobweb, I was just about to send you a PM to ask how you were getting on.

Just hang on in there and I hope you get some help from your GP tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, and let us know how you get on with Doctor.

Julie xxx


You can have more than one pa cobweb - I have 3 who cover my hours.

Glad to hear the advocacy service got back to you so quickly.




Lovely Cobweb.

Good to hear that things are changing slowly.

Re employing your PA sounds a good idea. Maybe see if you can be assessed for more hours, that you can give her a decent days work and still get some help on other days. Remember, wintwer is coming!

I have re employed a formed PA too. She works 5/6 days for me, mainly Monday and Wednesdays with a couple of hours on the other days. She also works for another lady. It works out good for all of us with a little flexability now and then.

Best wishes. Fi


What is a PA? How are they funded? What do they do?

Julie xx


Personal Assistant or Private Advocate maybe.


Cobweb good luck hope the day goes your way:) xgins


He I'm interested as to what the P.A does and who funds it if you don't mind me asking xxx


i too would like to know what a PA does.And how you go about getting one. thinking this might be something my son could look into for himself


very pleased to hear you are feeling better,one step at a time and you will get there,sending lots of get well wishes and hugs your way Love Della xxx


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