Swedish weave throws

Swedish weave throws

Once again hope the post a are okay. This was taught to me by a good friend called Shirley she is from USA and once I started these couldn't stop

It is all hand sewn on monks cloth which is 100% cotton has to be seamed washed and then is ready for use. If I could find others interested would love to teach and share the passion. Are we allowed to put email address on if anyone would like some further pictures ? This was the very first one I made. I gave it to a very special friend who has it on her table made me so proud.

I don't keep many of them give them all as gifts

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  • Hi there 😃

    Your work looks lovely, the answer to your question about email ads is no, if you invite people to PM you (personal message) then you are at liberty to disclose it then, as it is not on the public forum. This is done for members own safety 👍🏻😃

    We do have the Creative Corner where people can and have shared the hobbies they enjoy.

    I wish you all the very best for sharing your talent. 😃

    Foggy x

  • Huh creative corner??? Where is this foggy? I am looooossssstttt!!!!

  • If you look over to the right of all our posts you will see Creative Corner under Topics. Isn't Waterbottle so talented her friends must feel very lucky to have such beautiful gifts given them.x

  • Beautiful would love to learn just don't know if hands would let me??

  • That is so beautiful you are such a multi talented person. It took me 7 months to knit a cot blanket for a friend and even then my OH had to work out the pattern for me before I could begin using mathamatical logic. She did appreciate all my hard work and used it for both her sons but I retired whilst on a high from any more knitting.x

  • That is absolutely awesome, thank you for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • You are a talented lady! It's beautiful. It must have taken you ages..

  • It took me a few months but that was because I was also knitting at the same time so did a bit of both xx

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