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Can you be put in the support group of esa

Can anyone tell me once you have been put into the work group of esa can they change it half way through if you really cannot work to be put in the support group,a friend has been put into the work related group without having a medical.I dont understand it so wasnt much help,i would have thought she should have had a medical

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I think you can appeal against being put in the work group , although I haven't been through this yet ( it's coming I know ) . I think the benefits and work site will probably have the answers .

I did their online test last night and put myself in the support group with my answers ... but I very much doubt when I do the test for real the assessors will do the same.


if you can dress yourself, walk more than 30mtrs without stopping, sit or stand for ten minutes and walk up and down 2 steps you will be fit for work


I recieved a letter today, about my incapacity benefit, they said its changeing for everyone, and i have to ring them up within 7days, they want my telephone number, and i think they are going to ask me loads of questions over the phone, i think to see my situation, i'm not very good over the phone and really dont no what to expect,they said in the letter about an assesment and maybe a medical. I was panicked when i read the letter and my breathing went stright down hill, ended up on my nebulizer and been worrying ever since. They really dont no how they make our illness'es so much worse, i suffer with FM and Asthma and COPD along with lots of other things, my partner said not to worry about it, but it is easier said than done :-( when i am a born worrier anyway xxx


if you are on esa with fibro you will normaly have a medical after 12wks, you will then be assessed as to how much your fibro affects your ability to work. simple so far. you have to score 15points or more on this medical to be put into thework related group 24points or more puts you in the support group. you can appeal your placing in any group or even being declared fit for work but its a slow process. if your symptoms change you can reapply for esa and be re-assessed but it shouldn't be done within 6months of original claim not decision. i just lost 6months in the support group as i didnt know their rules either


I was put straight in the support group and feel guilty as im not as poorly as some in the work related group!! Think its the luck on the day and whoever gives you the medicals knowledge of fibro?

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I have recently been swapped from the WRAG to the support group after almost 2 years. This was following the medical I had a few weeks ago with a Nurse and I must say she was the most switched on and nicest of the ATOS people I have ever seen. I think I will still be called for more medicals tho and if they think it necessary they could put me back into the WRAG group.

I think they are always looking for ways of taking benefits off people and sometimes it is up to the assessors interpretation of how they think the illness is progressing.

I think Julie is right, it does depend on your luck on the day xx




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