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FAQ - I'm struggling at work due to finding it hard with Fibromyalgia, can you provide any advice please ?


Hello Members,

Welcome to Fibromyalgia Action UK! :)

We understand that the fluctuating nature of Fibromyalgia plus or minus any recent infections can take it's toll on you and work can feel like a mountain to overcome. While some may think stopping working may be the easy option, it is not always considered the best option.

Fortunately, the law is on your side.

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination against people with a disability. A person has a disability for the purposes of the Act if he or she has a physical or mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

If you are struggling with employment and feel your employer may not be as aware as they should be of your rights and their legal requirements, it is well worth getting specialist advice. If you are a member of a union, they will be able to help with this

Equality Act 2010


Employers have a duty by law to make reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled workers are not seriously disadvantaged when doing their jobs.

Reasonable adjustments



So what does this mean to you? .............

Well if you would to talk to Janet she will be able to explain further

You can contact Janet using the Fibromyalgia Action UK helpline on 0300 999 0055

The FMA UK Benefits Helpline is available Mon and Fri 10 - 12

Or you can email Janet using benefitsadvice@fmauk.org

Janet will be happy to assist you with all your queries and can provide you with information guides which may help. Please do get in touch :)

Please do email us at Head Office if you do not receive a reply after 4-7 days + and we will endeavour to provide you with any information you need.

Email us using: Head.office@fmauk.org

Hazel, FMAUK Administrator will be happy to help


Here's some other resources which may help;


ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations. They promote best practice in the workplace through easily accessible advice and services. Their authoritative and impartial advice is available free to individuals via their website and telephone helpline. They also offer an independent and trusted service for dealing with disputes between groups of workers and their employers or with disputes where individuals claim their employer has denied them a legal right.



DIAL UK is a national organisation for a network of approximately 120 local Disability Information and Advice Line services (DIALs) run by and for disabled people.


Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK, a registered charity led, run and controlled by disabled people. Their website provides a lot of advice on benefits and welfare reform.


Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice, both online and in-person at a network of local bureaux across the UK.



Turn2us helps people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through our partner organisations. The website includes an online Benefits calculator to help you see what you may be entitled to plus you can ring the free number for help with the calculator from an advisor using 0808 802 2000 (9am-8pm Monday-Friday).


Many Thanks for reading



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