memory problems

Morning all,

just a bit of positive news i received yesterday and i would share it with you.

I have been suffering really bad with my memory and had several conversations with my GP and he did some tests at the surgery. H e then made an appointment for me with a psychiatrist and psychologist.

After lots more tests at the hospital, they referred me to a neuropsychologist. I had 1 two hour meeting with her where more tests were done and we talked a lot. Acouple of weeks later she visited my home for another 2 - 3 hours where we talked and did more tests. She assured me it wasnt dementia and said she would do a report for my GP and myself which i will receive in a few days i last saw her 5 weeks ago. i had chased the report and she apologized it had not been sent however she said she needed to put something to me.

There is a course starting at the end of January, it is a 6 week course and it is run my a psychologist and it is called TRAIN YOUR BRAIN and the people who go on this do not have dementia but they have different reasons for needing to attend this. I said i would love to attend as any help would be greatly accepted. she has put me forward for the course. Have any of you pon here been on any course like this ?? would love to hear your thoughts/

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  • Hi, like you I suffer with a memory problem, Im so pleased your doctor has been supportive, please let's us all know how it goes, :-)

  • will do

  • That course sounds really interesting, I would also like to hear how it goes as I am in a similar position.

  • will do it is supposed to start end of jan and i will let you all know how it goes

  • This sounds very positive :-). I am interested in how it goes for you.



  • yep, will let you know x

  • have any of you on our site actually accessed or attended a course like this before ?

  • sounds like agreat course. would love to go myself cos my memory (or lack of it) is so scary sometimes.

  • will let u all know how it goes

  • I am presently suffering from forgetfulness mainly the names of people, but after reading the comments relating to this type of problem it seems to be a popular subject. I am starting to feel a little better already.

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