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Would someone be able to answer some important questions i have?

As you allready know i received the dreaded brown letter one week after my atos assesment saying that my claims been rejected based on the disability form i sent of, nothing about the atos assement or the letters and evidence provided by my doctor at southend hospital

So my questions are:

Does this mean the DWP hasnt received the infomation from the atos HCP?

And should i just wait a couple of weeks and see if another letter drops through the post?

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Below is what the GOV.UK cache on such decisions advises you to do. I have pasted you the link for the full policy and procedures. It sounds simple enough but nothing ever is with such matters. So, I would ring them and ask them directly if they had received all of the evidence that you wanted included in the claim. If they say either yes or no then ask for the mandatory reconsideration. Sadly, if this goes against you then you will have to formally appeal the decision.

5. Appeals

Follow these steps if you’re unhappy with your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) decision.

Discuss the decision with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Make a formal request to have the decision looked at again (known as ‘mandatory reconsideration’) if you’re still unhappy.

Appeal the decision if you’re unhappy with the mandatory reconsideration.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

Good luck



If you have had a decision letter then that means they have looked at all the evidence, including the atos medical report and that is the decision that they have made.

As Ken has already said, the next step is to ask for mandatory reconsideration, which means someone different looks at all the evidence and makes a decision. If that decision is the same, as it often is, you can then appeal.

Good luck.


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