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I never been in so much pain went to stop a cup from falling and reached out and the pain that bad I was sobbing my heart out


Today I received a letter from Atos I got an appointment thanks to local MP, I'm more anxious then ever now if what will happen

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Oh Ross I`m sorry about the pain and am sending you healing hugs.

It is good that your mp has helped you with Atos and I know that there is no point telling you not to panic when I couldn`t even keep calm for my pip and panicked, so just calming hugs this time

Hope all goes well and your pain soon subsides sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Ros :)

Sorry to hear about the pain hunny and am sending you some extra soft healing fluffies for comfort and support

{{{{{{ Ros }}}}}}}

:) xxx sian xxx :)

vixen49 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Sian hope your okay to XXXXXXXXX

Yeah I panicked just looking at it ( gulped) thanks for healing hugs hope your okay to? Sending gentle hugs back to you sue XXXXXXXXX

Hi Ros, how horrid for you, I'm so sorry you have hurt yourself.

I'm sending lots of healing soothing vibes your way and hope very much that you feel better very very soon :-)

Foggy x

Oh you poor thing Ros, how scarey a shock and then a wretched pull on your muscles. Do hope you feel better soon.

Take care and good luck xgins

vixen49 in reply to Ginsing

Thank you gins and foggy I think I'll let things drop I couldn't move my arm for several minutes cos of the pain

Hi Ros

I am so sorry to read that you are in so much pain and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon my friend.

i also want to wish you the bets of luck with your ATOS appointment, I will keep my (metaphorical) fingers crossed for you!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

vixen49 in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks my kind friend I'm just getting a bit worried and hyped up and I don't no what to expect

I have never undergone anything like this but I have pasted you a link to ATOS own website whereby they tell you all about it, hope that can help you?


Good luck

Ken x

I'm sorry so your in pain again.. Glad your MP is looking after you, i must say my MP has been really helpful.

Good luck on your assessment i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sending you hugs.

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope you get some answers and some relief soon sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

Hi there,

sorry to hear about your pain hope it is better now. can i ask when your visit with ATOS? i will give you some advice as i had mine a few weeks ago. the first bit of advice and is very important is that you contact them now and tell them that you want you assessment recorded this is vital as you have all the information at your hand if you need to appeal. next take someone with you even when you go into the room. another bit of advice is that each center has video cameras all over, they are watching and listening all the time. if you have said on your form you can only sit/stand for say 15 mins get up and move around, they are watching. they ask you to attend 10mins early but you can bet that they will eep you waitng long after your appointment time. make sure that you ask them whatthe hold up is and tell them that you are in pain and want to know how much longer you have to wait. the last bit of advice is make sure that you want your travel expences form to claim your money back. this also means that you have attended.

good luck and i will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Hi Janet it's on Wednesday morning

I'm taking my own car so they can see the difficulties my friend is coming with me that is really good advice thank you my Friend I trust you are well sending you hugs dear Janet, Ros

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