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I knew this would happen

Well my letter from PIP came through this morning and ive been denied my claim even though ive been ill since the age of 3 and have a history of medical illness, Edited By Admin, waited over 9 months for them to basically say "no we dont want to give away our money" i sincerley hope that anyone who applies for PIP is awarded it and not have to go through the hell ive been

Ill see you on the other side


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Scratch that i just realised the evidence they used was from my how disability affects you form, they havnt received the evidence that i gave when i had my face to face atos assesment, the atos woman was very understanding of my illness and assured me that she will do her best to see that i receive PIP so fingers crossed i get another letter through the post with good news

Its about time i had some good come my way


Sorry you are in distress I hope you get good news soon. Sending love and hugs. Lou xx


Hi, OMG, I wish you the best of luck ganjaman, here's hoping your next post will have some good news.

:-) :-) smiles to you. xx


I am glad you ahve reread the letter my heart was beating extra fast for you when I read your first post, I know when I quickly read my rejection letter for ESA my hear dropped through my feet but when I reread it it said they had based their decision on my form and a report from my GP. I knew my GP was sympathetic and supportive and it was he who had told me to give up work. I rang to ask him what he had put and he said that in fact he had not sent a report so I had them by the short and curlies and asked them how they could have formed a decision on something that did not have in their possession and asked for a reconsideration and got ESA, they would have looked fools at tribunal.

Will keep everything crossed for a good outcome for you.x

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Its heartbreaking how the DWP leaves people in the dark who are medically unfit for work when theres people who can walk miles everyday and work most of the week and still receive PIP, its like they want us to struggle and fend for ourselves without income

I have a question, if it turns out the letter they sent my was not meant to be sent and im awarded pip will it be backdated to the date i first claimed?


Thank you for all your posts, I only had my atos assement just over a week ago so it seemed a bit strange they send me a rejection letter so quick when the HCP (health care proffesional) said it can take up to 6-8 weeks for a decision

Im just going to wait and see what happens hopefully it will be somthing good and make for waiting so long


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