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Caring for a sufferer

Hi, I'm new to the site and am sitting here in tears reading the posts. Tears of sadness and sympathy but also of relief that there are people out there who care. I believe my partner has fibro but he hasn't been diagnosed yet. He has been terribly ill for over 10 years now but more so in the last 3. He also has a cyst beside his heart which was operated on but they were unable to remove it and this has probably covered up any possible diagnosis for fibro. I lost my job of 12 years through his illness and the anxiety that goes with it. He was denied PIP through a totally untrue report by an unpleasant nurse saying he could walk 200 yards unaided. (He could hardly get in the door of the practice!) Anyway, I have only just managed to persuade him to see the GP (again) and suggest fibro. He's not entirely convinced but will go, despite the pain. Going to re-apply for PIP after diagnosis. Any tips anyone?

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Hi. Firstly welcome to the Forum and bless your heart for getting upset about the posts you have been reading when you obviously have enough to be upset about in your own life.

I am so sorry to hear of what you and your partner have been through and the Nurse should be hung drawn and quartered. Please go back to your GP with your partner and explain the symptoms fully. Ask for blood tests and ask if there is anyone else you can see for a second opinion.

Then re-apply for to the DWP, you will need medical notes/a letter from your GP supporting your claim and from the specialist if you see one.

Unfortunately the DWP don't take a lot of notice of claims unless its backed up by your GP.

So take a deep breath and start the balls rolling. If you are in the UK The Citizens Advice are very helpful when it comes to claims and there is an online support place that will also help.

Try and get as much info on the paperwork from the DWP as possible and this backed up with medical info should see you right.

There are also some very good people on here that can help too.

Good Luck, take care.



Thanks so much for your kind words Heltadelta and Tedsmum. It really helps to have some practical advice. I take your point, Tedsmum, about locking the post. I'll do that in future, thanks again to both of you. I will post again after we see the GP. xx


Hi Clare24 welcome to the forum. I was sad to read your story as it’s obviously been a very difficult time for you both. This is a friendly, caring and helpful forum, so you will hopefully get plenty of help.

You may find more people will answer if you lock your post (otherwise anyone can read it). Mdaisy has produced a guide:


and one about claiming PIP:


Hope this helps x


Just like to say welcome you seem to be a very caring person with alot on your plate. Your partner sounds as though he has enough problems without being refused PIP. Others have given good advice but do get help with any forms as that can make the difference. If you haven't got a CÀB on your area we have an excellent advisor called Janet her contact details are on one of the blue posts to the right of your screen. If you are in a on a phone or tablet might have to turn your device to landscape view to see it.

I hope your partner can get a firm diagnosis as that can really help as sometimes the not knowing is worse than the knowing. Look forward to your future posts.x

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Can you not appeal rather than new claim hope you find out whats wrong or get a diagnosis 👍

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Hi Clare, my heart went out to you reading your post. As a carer for my mum for years, I know how difficult it is watching someone you love suffer and then to have to worry about the money side of things as well just adds to the stress. I am no benefits expert so I am unable to give you any advice in that respect but I hope you can get some decent help from the CAB and others on here more knowledgeable than me.

Fibro can take a long time to diagnose and is usually done by a Rheumatoligist once all other possibilities have been ruled out. But I would definitely get the ball rolling by discussing this with your husband's GP. In the meantime, welcome to the forum lovely, I hope you and your husband will find it as helpful and supportive as we all do. Take care and good luck. xxx

(P.S. Just a little tip, you are likely to get more replies if you lock your post as a lot of members aren't keen on responding to unlocked ones. If you click on Edit (drop down box next to like box) and then at the bottom of your post you will see "Only followers in my community" so click on this and your post will be locked. ).


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