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Research into DNA continues......... with the help of Arthritis Research UK

Article by Arthritis Research UK

New blood test for Fibromyalgia moves a step closer

Now scientists at King’s College London, funded by a three year grant of £171,000 from us, are hoping their latest research will lead to a reliable blood test to enable doctors to make a proper diagnosis.

The research team will examine samples and measurements taken from 400 twin volunteers from the 13,000 Twins UK Bioresource, in which one twin has chronic widespread pain. The samples will be compared with the DNA of their healthy twin to establish differences and to try to identify biomarkers in the DNA associated with the condition (Arthritis Research UK 2015)

Please remember research can be lengthy and results can take some time too (if it provides any significant results at all) - However that being said it is a positive move into looking into Fibromyalgia using quantitative research ! :)

Thank You to Arthritis Research UK for the help to Kings College London to undertake these studies

Some positive news for Fibromyalgia on International Fibro Awareness Day ! :)

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That is really interesting as well as wonderful news. Thank you so much for sharing x x


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