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Fibromyalgia & Emotional Impact Study


A young lady who is a PhD Student in Psychology at Royal Holloway University of London is currently doing a PhD looking at the role of emotional suppression in medically unexplained disorders. I’m currently looking for people with fibromyalgia from the UK to take part in a brief online questionnaire study.

This will involve participants anonymously answering some questions about how their fibromyalgia affects their life, what they think about their emotions and how they respond to certain emotions and who they go to for support. This research will help us better understand factors that can help or hinder living with fibromyalgia and may influence how treatments and psychological support are provided in the future.

If you are interesting in this study please complete the survey below,

Many Thanks :)

FibroAction Administrator

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I've done it :D



Done. x


I have also done it. For anyone to know what it's like, it's very straight forward and the answers are from a choice of possibles you don't have to type a lot. I did it because if anything can help get rid of/lesson this condition ........go for it!

Hope that helps encourage people to have a go at it.

Sorry if I rambled fibro fog has appeared!

((Gentle Hugs)) to you all.

Will do this tomorrow as it getting late now but I have made a note! x

Done. Survey took about 15 min and mostly multiple choice

Completed... very straightforward.

Was a bit of an eye opener... made me realise just how much I try and hide my symptoms from everyone around me. It is so difficult asking for help with things when you look the same as you have always done and nobody really "gets" what it feels like living in my body!


Just done it! XX

Just finished. x

Completed, interesting study :)


Done! :) x




Happily Done. I must admit it is interesting and a little depressing when I was giving the answers. Makes me remember how I just 'Manage' now.

What a crap life Fibro has left us with.

Sorry rant over

I have just done this, but I would love to see the results of this research. I hope they will keep you posted on the outcome of the research. :-)

I like to do it but not now because my hands are swallen and aching.

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