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Hi all me again,not had a grt day not been out of my pj's all day, my skin is very very tender, I am also feeling very weak and sore today I just need to tell you all, why well all you fibro mites know what it's like and understand where I'm coming from and my hubby that I love to bits know it's a painfull condition, but doesn't fully understand. I have another doctors appointment for Tuesday to ask to be referred to the pain clinic

I hope all my fello fibro suffers have had a better day, and better still have a great sleep. Hugs to you all


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I hope you sleep well, when you see your GP make sure you mention all symptoms, write it down if you need to, I take quite a list sometimes. Lou xx


Hi lizzie, sorry to hear you are not feeling great today, sending soft hugs your way, hope your appointment on Tuesday goes well and you get the referral for pain clinic, my doc referred me to physiotherapy about 8 weeks ago and I still haven't received a letter with an appointment, I have also had a bad day, pain all over, feeling very exhausted and drowsy but have also been itchy all over?? Not had this before, is this part of fibro?? Feet have been burning today too, feel like they are on fire, hope tomorrow brings a better day for us both 😊

Lyndsay xx

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Hi Lindsay

I get extremely itchy all the time my head gets really itchy so much so Iv bought itchy scalp shampoo no help what so ever,I also got my daughter to check if I have wee beasties None thank goodness. Iv now come to the conclusion it's a fibro thing.


I suffer from 'The Itch' it's my medication I take morphine


Hi Lyndsay & Lizzie,

I get itchy from time to time not too unbearabe, but of late i have clawed my legs in particular & drew blood wee marks came up as if bitten but 11 on one leg! Few on the other got cream that helped, but regards the scalp if i get even 2 minutes of sun doesn't need to be strong can be bright & windy my scalp itches changes to burning sensation lumps on scalp at centre similar to what appeared on my legs, i have Lichen Planus of forehead & scalp i just wonder if getting it on legs too, worth asking your doctor (dermatologist) if it could be that, no harm in asking good to rule it out, hugs Honor xx


Hi Lyndsay......sorry to hear of your discomfort. I'm pretty certain the "itchy all over" is a reaction to the meds you are taking. Do you get what I describe as the "burn-ups" too? Mention this to your Doc/Consultant and they can perhaps offer a reduced dose or even an alternative medication.

I've found the best way to chase appointments is to ring the Consultant's Secretary. I've tried reminding my GP, but that rarely works!


Yeah it must be lizzie, I have been itchy all day from head to toe and have very bad dry flaky skin all over too, I have E45 cream for my skin, will need to look into getting something for my itchy head though, would be very embarrassing sitting in company clawing at your head lol, looks Ng like another sleepless night is in the cards for me, been dosing on and off all day and now its bedtime am wide awake, might go and play with Milly the hamster for a bit since shes awake all night anyway 😁 lol xx


Hi Lizzie57

I can relate to how you are feeling. Hope as the days go on you start to feel a little better. My thoughts are with you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Hi Lizzie - I'm totally in empathy with you this weekend. My neighbours are out in their garden (in the sunshine) and I am laid out like a hunk of aching meat - not even knowing what time it is! Time is losing any meaning as I cannot bear to think how much of it is slipping by.......

Mostly, I try to be positive and encouraging to my fellow Fibros - today I just feel utterly frustrated (no energy to become angry). Even my loving hubby is fed up with me and will be going out in a little while - I don't blame him!

Have been trying really hard for the past 2 weeks to match my sleep pattern to his, so we can be together when I'm reasonably OK. Sadly, my brain is not co-operating, and sleep is as erratic as ever. We can be out somewhere, and I will suddenly nod off - yet at night am wide awake until morning, and it feels like forever.

Hope you manage to find some constructive help tomorrow.

The Pain Consultant I have been going to referred me for X-ray (chest and spine) but because nothing "abnormal" showed up - has now stopped further investigations, altho I do have an "open appointment" in case the pain becomes unbearable.

Please know you are not alone in this.....somehow we WILL find answers!



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