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pip awarded

Hi all, never posted before but want to let people know I applied for pip in January. Got my assessment 2 weeks ago and exactly one week later got the brown envelope. Shocked when I read it I was awarded lower rate for 2 years. Im over the moon. I think alot depends on whoever you have assessment with. I feel very fortunate that I saw a nurse in Preston who informed me that just days earlier she and her colleagues had an awareness meeting to discuss fibro and the effects it has on people's lives. I truly believe if this nurse had not attended this meeting I would not have been awarded. I think all health professionals should be made to have these awareness meetings to allow them more understanding of the condition. Only then would we all be awarded payment knowing we are all truly suffering with this horrible illness and we really can't work in our condition. Maybe there is hope for many more if each area in the UK take a leaf out of the health professionals from the Preston area....thankyou thankyou :)

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A good outcome, pleased for you. Lou xx


Congratulations that is wonderful news to read. I entirely agree wit you about having more Fibro awareness. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Nice one that's wot I got it for 2 years as well xx


FAB news, Well Done! Glad to hear Fibro Awareness Meetings are happening - as there are more Nurses than Drs maybe this may have an influence in the future as Nurses become more confident about the treatment pathways for Fibro patients! If only we could get the National Institute Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines & the World Health Organisation (WHO) Neurological classification too and we'd be on a roll! :)


good outcome pleased for you


well done

My daughter has just finished filling out her pip form keeping all fingers what i can crossed for her too.


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