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Carpul tunnel

Hello everyone

Thank you for all your posts re carpul tunnel.sorry about my spelling having foggy day so don't Evan know if I spelt correct or not.i went to see my gp yesterday for the steroid injection only to be told it's so bad that he thinks I should have the op instead he didn't want to put me through injection which I have to say I hate Evan the thought of needles. But I would have had it not been a baby coz I am in so much pain, and fed up of dropping things, I only have two plates left from my 16 piece dinner set oops !!!!. Well it get costly lol.

Any way just have to wait now and buy new plates.

I have a big day Friday I have atos coming to me for my pip claim I'm so scared I can't explain how the thought of having him come to me and talk about negatives usually I put on a happy face as a cover for how I'm really husband doesn't understand why I'm so scared but I'll be on my own.AM I being stupid ?

Well enough moaning my hand is dead and I have a chocolate biscuit waiting for me.have a good day every one and thanks for all your help

Sweetpee xx

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I wouldn't go through any sort of interview/assessment on my own. No, you're not being stupid, it's a really huge thing to go through. Try to have someone with you if at all possible.


I genuinely hope that your operation goes really well for you, and that you find some relief to the problem. I would tell ATOS exactly how you are feeling and of the daily problems that you have to endure over and over again.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I eventually had the operation on both hands for Carpel Tunnel, after spending years having splints on hands then the steroid injections, which I will say are very painful and one went wrong, doctor hit wrong place with needle, you know the feeling you can see your hand but when you touch it, it is as though it's not there, so so scary, had arm in sling then for a week. Opted not to have both wrists operated on at same time, wanted some dignity! I agreed to have them done under local anaesthetic, so glad I did, even though the injections of anaesthetic all around wrist and thumb are painful, the recovery starts straight away, no grogginess from being asleep. They were done 6 months apart. Pain free, no numbness, no pins and needles, so glad I had the op. Good luck, and hopefully your next set of dinner plates will last for ever. X


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