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I have just completed a course run by the University of Hertfordshire to help people with illnesses like Fibromyalgia, M.E, Migraine, Back pain etc.

It is government funded so they must be getting the message that you can't just give us a diagnosis and then set us adrift.

However; I understand that it has been decided to cancel the next course due to lack of applicants.

I have enjoyed this course so much and have made new friends who understand what the challenges are. My course facilitator said that more like her are being trained; it would be marvellous if this was available across the country. One man in my group travelled for two hours each way to take part!

Can I ask you to take a look and, if able, to apply before this opportunity is allowed to slip away:

Thank you

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  • Have sent e-mail for further info. Thanks for posting this, as I had not heard of it.😄

  • I went to a similar one in Wales but it wasn't called Pathways which I very much enjoyed and found really helpful, I would like to do another one mdo you know if they do courses in Wales

  • It might be worth asking the people running this course; if my facilitator was trained in Hatfield with others they might know what the roll-out plans are across the country.

    If there are no plans then your local commissioning body (Google your Primary Healthcare Trust) should perhaps be told about it. We are being evaluated by the University to provide evidence to support the project as a recognised intervention, and from what I have seen the feedback is likely to be favourable from myself and the others on this course.

  • I hope you don't mind me asking, I'm in rural Wales, where the course was? We have a dearth of support here :-(

  • Hi there I've sent you a PM

  • Thank you, all I have to do now is find it :-S

  • Just go into your profile and you will see messages there 😃

  • I am not finding them sorry can you try again.

  • I am not finding them, can you try again?

  • I hope it continues.

    I went on an excellent pain management programme at the Walton Centre Liverpool.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this, I have had a good read and it sounds quite interesting.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • are there groups all over the country like this. I would certainly join one x

  • I think that might be the future plan; that is why I think everyone who is interested should let the course admin know.

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