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Sleep apnoea

Hi,has this happened to anyone else,took hubby's cpap machine for his yearly data download only to be told that for 3 months mid way through the was not data recorded so in their opinion he had not been using the machine so they have taken it off him while the internal memory is checked,this has caused him much distress as he stops breathing several times a night has this happened to anyone else and any info as to what I can do to get him back on the machine as he really needs it.thanks x

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I am so sorry to read that and I want to genuinely wish your husband all the best of luck. I can imagine that he feels quite low about his treatment?

Al my hopes and dreams for both of you



Thanks for your kind words hopefully it will get resolved soon just couldn't understand why he wasn't given the benefit of doubt that it was a software issue as he truly uses his machine every night,




I really hope he gets his machine sorted soon, jakeykane, I know myself just how awful it can be to have to try and sleep next to someone with sleep apnea. My Hubby has it and before he got his cpap machine, night times were hell. Does your hubby move around the bed a lot as well as stop breathing? Hubby had a habit of bringing his knees up and down as though he was walking all night, that, plus the arm waving and trying to push me out of bed, used to drive me mad! Did they not have a spare they could lend him while they were sorting his out? They should not have just taken his machine away leaving him with nothing! Good luck on getting a new machine, gentle hugs, Julie xxx


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