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Sleep apnea update

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Just thought I'd update you all on a previous post I posted the other week. I use a resmed machine for my sleep apena. I asked if anyone who uses this machine had problems with noisy masks I wear the one that goes over my nose. But it was really noisy, so my husband had a look at it, and it turned out I had the noise piece upside down. Typical me. I blame my drugs, for my scatty brain. I'm still making noises etc which is why I have the machine but will give it a little more time. However I have the app oon my phone for the resmed machine so it tells me how I did during the night. There is one bit of data I'm not quite sure what it means. It says 20.2 events per hour 0/5. Does anyone know what out means. The other data I understand just not this one. .

7 Replies
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Hi Debbs73 I'm not sure about the '0/5' but the events must be the number (20.2) of apneas (breathing events) that you have per hour. According to

"AHI Numbers & Degree of Sleep Apnea Severity - WebMD", normal sleep is fewer than 5 per hour. Can you check with your CPAP/sleep health professional in view of the other problems you're experiencing to see what they think? I have a Resmed machine too and it's not that noisy and fits well. Hope you can sort it out before it becomes too frustrating. Best wishes Edwina

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Debbs73 in reply to chumbley

Hi Edwina thankyou for replying to me. Yeah I think I'm gonna have to do that. I'll have a look at that link you put on. Many thanks. 😃

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chumbley in reply to Debbs73

you're welcome Debbs

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I have always understood that it is possible for Low Thyroid to be involved in Sleep Apnoea. Having used the Search Facility here on Health Unlocked there are over 500 posts on Thyroid UK where it is mentioned. Low Thyroid hormones can cause the muscles of the back of the mouth and throat be too relaxed - also slight inflammation of the thyroid can cause it to swell and press on the wind-pipe.

I have looked at several Research Papers on PubMed indicating the connection - so if you google - Sleep Apnoea Thyroid PubMed - you can find Research Papers and have a read. I usually scroll down to the Conclusion to avoid the difficult bits :-) PubMed is one of the biggest websites where global research papers are logged ...

It is always good to rule out conditions that may be the root cause of something that affects the quality of life ...

I do not suffer myself - and I am not a medic - but I do have a Thyroid issues and have been on Thyroid UK for 7 years so have learnt a great deal from others.

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Debbs73 in reply to Marz

Thankyou for the information you've provided ill have a read of that.

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This website is a wonderful resource for all cpap questions.

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Debbs73 in reply to nadine111

Hiya. Thankyou for the reply, however when I click on the link it opens up to a page of prices for letter/ parcel deliveries.

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