DLA & leg cramps

Hi ive very recently been diagnosed with FMD. My gp left me for 2 weeks with no pain meds other than amitryptaline and mertazipine As she wanted me "pure " before she started new meds. Im in agony! Yesterday she put me on pregabalin 75mg & Naproxen 500mg. Got to see her again in 2 wks. Does anyone know a way to stop leg cramps? My calves n feet feel like theyve been beaten with a baseball bat! And also can i put in for dla yet or do i have to wait for consultants conformation first?

Thanks in advance for your help


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  • Hi vste1979

    Sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I was on duloxetine and tramadol. Now my gp wants to change it to mirtazapine as my rheumatologist is suggesting carbamazepine. Have had naproxen but didn't help me much. How are you getting on with the mirtazapine? My leg/calf cramps are relieved a bit by raising my legs whilst sitting and pillow under knees in bed. No meds seem to help though. Am applying for PIP and have got confirmation from gp and consultant rhematologist. Figure its best to have as much backup as poss. I expect the fibro action site might have info you require. Good luck with your claim.x

  • If you are taking medications to reduce the acidic environment in your stomach taking oral supplements of magnesium is not as effective as it is not broken down very well in a non acid environment but do read the post this is a link to it below in blue,, .


    Best wishes, Ray

  • I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. As RayB recommends, Epsom salt baths could help? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you all for your help and advice. I am having epsom baths at night when my husband is at home as he has to get me out of the bath! Hate having to rely on him so heavily😢 however we only have a half sized bath so i am unable to lie down in it!

    Thanks again for all your help


  • your doctor probably wanted to see how you coped with amytryptyline and mirtazapine, both of these although antidepressants work well to ease pain. im glad she has now given you pregabelin (not all doctors will prescribe this because of expense, my didn't, however alternative is gabapentin.) I have found the gabapentin eases my leg aches. wishing you the best, it takes time to find correct medicine x

  • Thanks hun.

    Day 3 on new meds & still havnt noticed any difference, had gabapentin before and they did nothing. Still in agony but hay ho. Cant take tramadol as they make me itch. Fun fun fun

  • Transformation made me itch all over

  • Sorry! The cat just jumped on me. I meant to say the Tramadol made me itch all over too. I only managed a couple of days! I saw an osteopath recently who told me to have a banana every day.

    My husband's grandmother used to swear by putting corks under her mattress. It worked for her!

  • My GP suggested using Tonic Water as it contained quinine. There are flavoured versions now, or if you like G&T it's a good excuse to have one!

  • Thanks hun. Was put on quinine tabs for a month but they didnt help.

  • Drink plenty water I never believed it when I was told and was on quinine tabs from doc for cramp they didnt work the I tried water I havent had cramp since im on pregabalin to try it you have nothing to lose at least a pint during the day and half pint beforoe bed hope it works sheila

  • Thanks Sheila ill give it a try

  • hi my nmes jenny I am currently coming off 2oomgs lyica 100mgs antidepressant Zoloft panadiene forte and I have rheumatoid rts bad twisted fingers cant barely walk have a cane fibro has dragged me to a dark painful hole I have to go to hospital for week to sort out more new pain management hoping they will help me had everything in book to take where theres hope theres a I wonder

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