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Feelings For Disabled and Physically Disabled and other Disabled Parties

Feelings For Disabled and Physically Disabled and other Disabled Parties

Hello Iam David new to the site want to introduce myself.I have notice on the news and in my local news papers and my town where I live where there is no access for disabled people with wheelchair, I seen a parent with a child with some form of muscle illness and the amount of tasks the chair even thou it was a motorised one had to perform on the uneven pavements etc.

I have epilepsy I think there should be signs saying beware disabled people crossing. Something like this. I have absent atacks of epilepsy and can be dangerous for me. I should be wearing flashing blue lights on me or something like this or red flashing lights so cars notice me .This is another topic

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Hi David and welcome to the site... There are plenty of people to chat with on here at all times of the day or night ....

Hope you enjoy being here with us and look forward to reading your posts

VG x


Hi Ther David

welcome aboard and hope you enjoy being here!

like VG said plenty on board to chat to and give you some support and help.

As for the wheelchairs , well i had an anty and grandad who used one (no longer here they are with angels now ) but they had issues, although in my area a lot of pavements have been adjusted so they can get up and down paths other wise us drivers are waiting patiently behind which i dont mind i have time as i know its hard , although i dont use i rely heavily on my car as cannot walk much or far always need support now , dizzines, balance weak muscles joints and ligaments with my condition i was diagnosed with last year to which i was born with but due to some op it has triggered a mass of events which prevents many things now.

i was told i can hire wheelchair if want a day out where walking is needed ie round a large shopping mall or seaside outing somewhere. i was told by Social Services to go through my Dr but can be a bit of a wait.

There should be some one stop place really to go in and hire them and return rather than all the fuss.

anyway enough chat frm me on this one lol so please feel free to talk to any of us anytime :-) xxx hugs


Hi David, welcome , I understand , I had to use a weelchair for three weeks in 2007 and I understand . I had to go shopping and go to a wedding ect. I do realise the difficulty it's not so bad where I am but I did have some trouble . Maybe be worth writing to your local council ,, x


Hi this is for fairycazzie in my area u can get a wheelchair on loan from the Red Cross while you wait for the drs to sort u one it may be the same in ur area. Hope this is helpful Hun sorry to jump on ur post David but it might be helpful to others to.


Morning to you _ This is a brilliant site and I welcome you. The topic of wheel chairs is one we should talk about more often and wheel chair access it has got better the access that is and that is after the rigeroug access rules and discrimination to the disabled act. In scotland all nes houses are built with ramps (what a brilliant idea ) but old houses are inpenitrable..The shops and pavements have to allow for wheelchair access and if there is not enough room you can go to the court of european rights and get them prosecutted I think. My brain not working well yet just off to wind up the wheelchair for later :) xgins


Hi welcome..I use a scooter and sometimes crutches I don't even be half way across b4 lights change and cars beep and take it'dalso cos of crutches or scooter I wait at pelican crossing and ppl won't stop cos they think oh no s h e will take a g rd getting across.or ppl shove trolleys in the supermarket walk way instead of putting in frilly parks..this I might add mostly ppl driving other disabled ppl one woman shoved a trolley right out in front of me last week didn't look to see if any one coming..I had to put thru 12trolleys one day I was on crutches a man behind me in wheelchair..he was having to use one arm to push trolleys away and I had to keep stopping pushing with My elbow...this is not on ..someone how you feel it's great to let your moans and groans out with others on here enjoy


I have a scooter as of last summer & crutches. LOVE how people hold a door for you & let it go before you get there cos I still cant run with the aid of crutches... My town center you can hire a scooter to get yourself round the shops, which is a fantastic scheme - we just need all shops to be accessible ie: no step & wide enough doors!!

Oh how I love places where the coucil provide dropped curbs & travelling a quarter mile along said pavement only to find NO WAY OF GETTING OFF ANYWHERE OTHER THAN WHERE YOU GOT ON!


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