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Advice please

Hi all I have so many things going on now with this fibro it's getting a bit much I have so many question for my dr but no answers I had raynourds when younger I still have that I'm always cold then hypomobilty syndrome as well then ibs all these I still have now since I turned 40 I had diary allergy constant itching my Astma back migraines and then my mustle and bones where hurting so much my body kept having pain in one place then a second later it would be in an other sharp breathtaking pain I was back and forth to drs I felt like they thought that I was making it up then I saw I dr who knew of this fibro thing and he pressed on all of the pressure points and said he thought I had fibromyalgia I had so many test before and nothing came back cameras both ends polops found that was it blood test vitamin d and iron levels low injections and iron tablets for them but I am constantly itching it drives me mad I feel like I got fleas tiny white lumps under my skin that look like blisters a red rash going down my left side of my neck from my ear down to shoulders then across half my chest my eyes not working probley pain from constant flare ups pain along my jaw that has lumps under them all of this I don't have answer I had so many also now when I have a flare up its seems to aim at my chest it's like having a heart attack it's so sore I take diazpane for that to relax the chest musel my swallowing so bad had bariham mill spelt wrong I know that was normal but tablets is hard for me to take if there small and coated thats fine but gabapentin 600 mg I can't I really need to know is this all fibro and is there any thing else I have flare ups every month it starts just before my periods and is worse just after and then I get a cold that's like runny nose and eyes then my chest gets it I had flu jab thank god but the colds have been a regular thing since last summer I just need some advice from people who know what it's like with this vodo doll that's how I feel like some one got a pin and sticks it in then l get pain so painfull that I'm in tears on a bad day I curse this invisible condition know one understands what I'm on about it's so frustrating do people really think that we make it up for attention I think drs need to be more educated with this condition it's not fair,.

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Hi Tinkerbell,

Life is n't fair sad to say and perhaps we don't get all the attention we should but - so every time a NO you haven't got this comes back we should feel better. generally Doctors are becoming more wize about Fibro its effects and how to cope with it. Your GP should send you to a Rheumatologist and they should check for all sorts of things ther by eliminating other diseasess.

Tinkerbell how long have you had Fibro? I do feel you know most of this already I dont want to teach you to suck eggs. so let me wish you less pain and a Happy Weekend.



Thank you ginsing this will be my 5 th year since being diagnosed I been to pain clinic but only ever saw rheumtologist years ago for my hypomobilty my dr thinks she can deal with me on her own


I am so very sorry that you are suffering and struggling so much, and I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

I wish I had the answers for you, but as ginsing says, a Rheumatologist is usually a good place to start to get answers, so it may be beneficial to ask your GP for a referral?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you ken I will see my gp and tell her I want to see a rheumatologist


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