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What else is going to be wrong with me!!

Great just had my letter from the rheumatologist and not only is my vitamin d levels very low but I also have low cortisol so got to have another test to check for Addissons Disease.

Have been signed off work for 2 weeks to rest due to the pain from the fibro and the depression getting too much for me. Have slept so much but am starting to feel a little better. Just made me realise that maybe I do need to cut down my hours at work!

Hope everyone else is ok and that this brighter weather is starting to make you all feel a little better.

Kate xx

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Hi Kate,

I am sorry you have just added a few more things to your list of ailments and I hope that the brighter weather helps with the vitamin D for you :)

Rest is good when you need it and obviously you do. As you say maybe your hours are too much depending on how many you work and what way you have to work them. I work 4 hours a day except for one day in the week when I work 7 to 8, that's the day I find hardest. The other days if they are busy I can at least recharge better. Do you have the opportunity to cut your hours down.

I hope everything turns out well for you


Hi tiredalot

I'm currently working 30 hours a week over 4 days. For too long now I've slept 20 hours solid when I go to bed on a fri. So definately think I need to cut down xx

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Hi Kate,

My hat is off to you :) considering all that is going on 30 ours over 4 days is amazing. I don't think I could do that, no wonder you sleep so long on a Friday. Cutting hours definitely sounds like it would be a help, if it is a option.

I really hope you can get sorted and the result are good ones, all round :)

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Yes I hope you can cut down as it seems your poor body needs the rest. At least hopefully with the Vit D deficit they should be able to put that right quite easily. Hope the test for Addidsons Disease is negative as it sounds as though you have enough on your plate. Do let us know how you are doing.x


Hi katie72

I am so sorry to read this, and I genuinely hope that your test for Addissons Disease comes back negative.

Please take care




I hope the test for Addisons disease is negative. On the bright side hopefully once I get started on the vitamin d I'll have a bit more energy 😀


Hi katie, vit d deficiency is very common in fibro, i have taken vit d tablet daily for years, that and epsom salts ease the leg cramps and jerking at night. Sorry cant help with cortisol levels know nothing bout this. Cutting down hours st work will help considerably as long as you use the time to rest, not do something else ie housework instead ! All the best


Hi shazzy

Thanks for your reply. Have no choice but to rest at the min my body won't let me do anything else. Xx


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