I have just read a document on line about ASPARTAME sweetener,that is used in diet coke/diet pepsi sweeteners and various foods. It is stated that this additive can cause all the symptoms of MS/FIBROMYALGIA and various other illnesses. It also states that when aspartame is excluded from the diet that the symptoms are hugely reduced and that patients actually get better,and have been wrongly diagnosed with MS/FIBROMYALGIA. I just thought that people on here would maybe be interested in reading this. I just googled ASPARTAME AND FIBROMYALGIA symptoms.I will be looking at the ingredients in the food I eat and see if eliminating this reduces my symptoms. Thanks for reading.

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  • I have avoided aspartame for years .... And all other artificial sweeteners more recently..... Hasn't helped my fibro one bit but my ibs is Definately better

    Any little improvement helps

    VG x

  • Thanks for replying, the only thing I do take is diet pepsi occasionally but I think I'll stop this and see if any improvement. My sister has MS and it is progressive, and her husband referred me to this.It is seemingly a big thing in America.I suppose its worth trying anything to try and get some relief.

  • The main culprits I've found for Aspartame are soft drinks (fizz, flavoured waters) and chewing gum. I haven't yet found a brand of chewing gum without Aspartame in.

  • Agree with VG I gave up Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners some time ago. Big improvement on IBS, but no difference to the Fibro - still got it :(

    Em x

  • being diabetic i use a lot of sweetners already aviod any with carob or sorbitol in them might just give up eating food

  • Have nt had aspartam in years, made no difference to me. Sucralose not healthy either.

  • i take methadone sugar free what sweetner do they use in that horrid stuff yours robh

  • I also take sugar free methadone unfortunately and I asked my chemist this question today, she couldn't give me an answer but said she'd look it up, I'm guessing it has aspartame in it tho as the people who make it probably think " this person is on a methadone script so I they're slowly killing themselves anyway, let's put it in as these people aren't that important to us."

  • Yes I agree I try to avoid all sweeteners - including artifical and sugar - and preservatives and artificial flavouring - I feel better for it and also it helps a lot with my interstitial cystitis - actually you soon prefer the taste of things that aren't sweet when you have avoided them for a week or so. I didn't think Carob was a sweetener - its a chocolate alternative and much healthier than chocolate, and as chocolate is full of histamine carob is a good alternative if you have any allergies, or diseases where you have inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis because where there is histamine there is the potential of inflammation.

  • Jjudith, what's carob please?

  • You could substitute honey as a natural sweetener. It's readily available, fairly cheap and does the job. I have never used sweeteners. Prefer anything natural and cook almost everything from scratch myself. I have always believed that the less additives that are used in the food we eat the better.

  • Well an interesting theory...but I have looked at labels as long as I can remember since I was diagnosed with FMS/CFS and always try to avoid aspartame...sorry but it really hasnt worked for me...but I hope that it works for some...I wish them luck and you interested in your results...

    Bev :)

  • Sorbitol is even in chocolate, the famous one, we can all find on

    The high street.

    Can't trust anything

  • Thanks everyone, just read this on line and thought I;d post it,anything is worth trying, Although I'd have thought if this was the case warnings would have been given, and companies would not be allowed to use aspartame. I must say not had any diet drinks for about 4 weeks and my symptoms have been worse lately.

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