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Worried about pain relief whilst in hospital for kidney cancer

I'm going into hospital for open surgery to remove a Cancer in my kidney. I'm worried about having to rely on being given my pain relief whilst in hospital. I suffer from poly fibro and AS. I also have asthma and pernicious Anemea which is exacerbated by my pain. I'm just worried that by having my meds via ward round I'm going to be in agony . Whenever I have surgery my pain, not just from the wound, gets unbearable. Has anyone got any ideas as to how Ican manage the pain? I'm going to be in hospital for a week to ten days.

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It is vital that you discuss your concerns with the medical staff and if possible express your needs to a family member so they can act on your behalf if needed, you should not have this added stress before you go in. Wishing you all the best xx


The problem I have is that because I tend to keep going whatever they don't realise how bad I am until my asthma hits. The pre op nurse said because I'm going to miss my spinal injections they will insist I have a wheelchair (yuk) but your right I will emphasise my other stuff and ask my daughter if she will check stuff for me whilst I'm in there. She's a staff nurse at a different hospital so she will hopefully be able to keep track for me.

Many thanks for that! X


Hi paulaw, i took my painkillers and migraine meds in with me last time i was in hospital. The reason for this is when i had migraine before in hospital it took the nurses nearly an hour to get permission and unlock meds in between rounds. I was in absolute agony, the migraine injection was meant to be used at first sign of migraine. They dont seem to be geared up to deal with pain that isn' t regular. All the best,


I have migraine meds too and anaesthetic tends to make them worse!

Problem is that I'm taking my painkillers in with me but I won't be able to take some due to my being on pain relief for the operation for days. I've told them I have a problem with morphene based meds they don't work or stop my heart from beating! Fingers crossed the stuff they give me might work instead.bim really beginning to lose my nerve over this. Think I should have just let them monitor it. Everything seems to be going wrong at the moment.


Just a thought, are you in contact with your local Mc Millan nusing team they are great at putting your mind at ease. xx


I have heard of people being able to be in charge of their own pain meds have a

word with your Ma cmillan nurse as perhaps they can have a word with them for you. Good luck with the operation.x


Thanks everyone! I'm just being a coward I'm sure it'll be ok. X


Hi Paulaw22

I am so very sorry to read of your suffering and your struggle, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. As the others have already said, you should discuss this matter with them prior to going into hospital.

Saying this, i have noticed these days that a lot of hospitals due use these self administer morphine drips on the wards, maybe you could ask about one of these? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your surgery.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken I appreciate that. To be honest I'm very lucky and I have to thank the PA society for helping me. The consultant they recommended had a feeling that my problems were not what they seemed and really went the extra mile for me. This could have gone undiagnosed and then traveled to other areas given where it is. I'm sure this hospital will do things right for me. Thanks to you all! I'm a very lucky lady really.


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