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Anyone taking Zapain for pain relief?


I take this up to 3 times a day.

Just wondering if anyone takes this. I do find it helps, but I'm getting rather used to it now.

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Hi Lucyw,

I take Zapain 4 times a day in conjunction to other meds, I find they only take the edge off the pain, I also take Pregablin(300mg), Ibuprofen(400mg), Zapain(Co-Codamol 500/30mg), Ametriptyline(50mg), buscapan, Omeprazole and Citalopram.

I know when it is time to take the Zapain as the FM etc gets worse.

Are you taking Pregablin or Gabapentin?

From personal experience I have found that if I stopped taking the Co-Codamol I knew.

Hope this helps.

Hugs and prayers.

Steve xx

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hi yeah me too i take co codamol and citralopram and butrans morpphine patch 20mg and amitriptilyne in fact i am like a rattle snake when i walk along lol love to you i know what you mean about co codamol though i know if i aint took it love to you diddle xxx

I have taken that painkiller Lucy but if I remember correctly it contains codeine and I had to stop taking it after a while. I think whatever painkiller you take it eventually gets used to you so I try not to rely on them if I can help it. I find that if I use my relaxation tapes when I am in a lot of pain this helps as when I am more relaxed the pain is easier to cope with. I also have reflexology or reiki as often as I can and find this also helps to relax me.

Take care and have a happy Easter. Love Angela x


hi i take co codamol citralopram amitriptyline, have butrans morphine patch 20 mg amongst other delights lol yeah i same steve know when i not took the co codamol love to you diddle x

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FWIW Butrans patches are not morphine, but buprenorphine. This is a strong opioid though.

If you search on here for "co-codamol" or find the tag for this, you're likely to find more posts on it. Not many people know it by this brand name.

Hi, Yes I take Zapain with Naproxen, Citalaptam, Gapapentin and recently stopped my night time 12 hr codien tab whose name I cant remember ! My memory was totally shot at and the doc thought the amount of codien I was taking was maybe partly responsible. I also take Epanutin, omeprozole and Propranalol. I have recently experienced pains in my chest and breathlessness but in all honesty I dont want any more medication!!!! So not been to docs yet. love to you all, hope you get some relief and a little rest, x

Im taking zapain, thiamine, vit B strong prochlorperazine, sertraline, omeprazole & 3 different steroid creams...

zapain & sertline have given me much needed sleep that I havnt had in a long time, Ive had all my teeth removed and zapain helps but it sometimes takes up to an hour to workmy vitimin tablets are because Im an alcohohic, sertlaine for depression other tablets for my stomach - to stop me bieng sick, creams are for my ear infection

zapain - I hate taking those but I take 1 when i need it, if after 30 mins it dosnt cut it I take another... it makes me forgetfull, sometimes (thankfully) sleepy when I can sleep it off...

sorry to say but its a pain in the bum but although I hate taking them (good/bad) it definately does work for me & I cant get by without it

only other option available to me is to buy illegal drugs which I really dont want to do

take care people



Hello Moonboot - Zapain contain two active ingredients Paracetamol and Codeine Phosphate. This combination of medicines is often referred to as Co-Codamol. It is also known as Solpadol.

Co-Codamol doesn't tend to work straight away, it takes time to take effect. A common side effect of this type of medication is constipation. Obviously the more you take, the more chance of this. Please be careful not to exceed the recommended dose at any given time.

We are all not permitted to discuss even loosely the subject of non-medicinal cannaboids.

Best wishes Moonboot.

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hi LibertyZ

sorry but when I feel bad I got to take my tablets, what can I say but they work... only options available to me know it can take up to an hour before they kick in proper - taken them long enuf to know that much, right now Im in tears just trying to control myself, drinking beer and (I know bad thing) but alchohol & zapain (aka co-codamol) does have a compound effect that keeps me under control

but I do stager them now, I was at one point taking twice the dose but now Im only taking 1-2 of those a day, the rest Ive reduced as well, even tho I feel like hell, I am trying to push myself without taking anything, as for the illegal stuff not allowed to talk about I take that when nothing else works, havnt taken it in about a month but when you feel bad you do what you can, once when I had an absess I tried to grow myself penicillin because I couldnt get into the dentist for 10 days, cut that story short - I got an appointment with my GP earlier than my dentist.

Dont meen to sound funny but not feeling well right now

You take care now


I have osteo-arthitis, fybramyalga, IBS, asthma and a trapped nerve in the neck which causes siatica down my left arm. I am in constant pain but the strength of it varies within the day, week, month. I am prescribed zapain, Ametriptyline , buscapan and blue and brown inhalers for the asthma.

I only take the zapain when I can no longer stand the pain, not 2 - 3 times a day as prescribed by the Dr, as in my opinion if you take them like that after a few months your body builds up a tolerance and they no longer give you any relief, so your Dr has to give you a stronger alternative and the cycle repeats itself, until there is only morphine left to give you and you become 'monged' out!!!!!

Also putting all these chemicals into your body usually has 'side effects' which in turn require taking further medication to counterreact - kind of defeats the object don't you think!!!

As I said you do build up a tolerence to the pain, though I think women have a much stronger pain thresh hold than men lol


Hi Kelagh

Thanks for the reply.

I have now started using Ibropren and paracetamol together and only using Zapain on days when it's really unbearable, which is hard because most days I'm in agony.

Thanks for your comments, I have tried Tramadol and Ametriptyline but neither had any effect at all. I was expecting to be a zombie but nothing zero!

Gentle hugs keep warm I have a hot water bottle on my back as I type this.

Hi I take gabardine and diazepam and cocodamol for pain and mirtazapine for depression ,

My dr wants to cut down on diazepam and cocodamole when the gabardine works but have tried cutting down on cocodamol but get an upset stomach .i do have ibs so it's going to be difficult . Have been on both diazepam and cocodamol for a long time so bit worried that my anxiety levels go up and pain gets worse at the moment every thing is just manageable I work 4days a week only 4-5 hours a day witch I can just about cope with. Memory went the other day at work the fire alarm went off I was on my checkout just finished a transaction said to the next customer you will have to leave your shopping and leave the building the lady was on crutches forgot to tell her where she had to go or help her and forgot where I had to go called to the team leader where have we got to go .well it was a faults alarm . But I have bean given training on it but forgot it all so felt a bit stupid x

Hi, I take Zapain 4 times a day but I find it only takes the edge off the pain and it does cause constipation. I also take Amitriptyline, omeprazole Atorvastatin and Dicloflex, I tried Tramadol but they just sent me in a trance, seeing my GP today to see if there is anything in between the 2.

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