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Its been a long time so I thought I would just let you know how my daughter is...and what I have considered the best move.

Holidaying in Spain we went to a place called Fortuna..the Spas are noted for their healing abilities for rheumatism, arthritis, and chronic pain...Spanish GPs send their patients for sessions at the Spa. So after realising that whilst in Spain my daughter had very little back pain and her sleeping changed...of course Spain is not a cure. I did however notice a difference in her general physical appearance and her levels of confidence. Where am I now....Well Spain of course.

Spain like many other European countries has an integrated approach..believing in both alternative and clinical intervention...for me its a lot cheaper than England (MUCH cheaper). I work when I can but would like to work more in England the cost of carers even overnight so I could sleep was too much. I have been homeless twice...this last time because I didnt realise I could apply for housing benefit and working self employed the paper work required for housing benefit just stressed me further time, hence in England we were kind of homeless again. So I have taken action. We have now been here (Spain) for two weeks and now decided to stay, however I will be flying back and forth to work. (Carers and helpers are cheaper out here plus my daughter gets to improve on her language skills). It feel expensive at the moment because work has been put on hold whilst I sort out the logistics and with delays I suppose I put aside her treatment plan. She is now having intensive massage sessions to ease her muscles which have become very stiff (Oh the massage place is 1 minute round the corner for our apartment and I can afford them). No heating bills (which i couldn't afford in England and she needed a lot of times nothing seems to warm her. Of course I have things to do.. but I could not afford to work and be in England with my daughter.. Yes NHS offers services.. but i think medicating children can be avoidable if intensive holistic services are applied (this option is not available on NHS and costs in England meant that I was not eating, bills unpaid and I was just not coping, sometimes I have just not slept.

I dispair at how services have become but in the long run (2 years) I believe she will outgrow fibro myalia (I do believe we can change our bodies responses if caught early enough. I have also just learned that my younger sister who had been disabled for over 25 years (Her diagnosis went from ME, MS, Stoke) now after I asked her to get a clear diagnosis it has come back with Fibromyalgia). I suppose in one sense I am pleased for her as she has had to live with the fact that many were saying it was psychosomatic, that she was in a wheel chair because she was..attention seeking. Intervention has been so poor she has been left with quite poor mobility. (When my daughter, her niece was diagnosed I asked her to find out what is going on as potentially we could have a hereditary condition that we are not aware took 2 yrs for her to be confirmed as having Fibromyalgia...well over 25 to be honest)

Well i have paperwork here to do but not so much, I need to sort out benefits and focus on working.. Also there are a few medical things I need to attend daughter needs a bladder scan. But right now I feel we have made the right decision to move. Flights are cheap enough for me to fly to England and work I suppose in the summer it might be more expensive but with improved health (affordable carers) and the ability to work over the internet...I am not stressed. I have no money,,bailiffs chasing me yet today my daughter is smiling..and so am I. I am looking at the beach whilst we speak and the sun is shining.

Oh yes La Fortune (google)...excellent, the water is very warm...hoists and qualified staff who are on hand to assist.

Oh anyone who knows about children and moving abroad I welcome and advice...pointers etc

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Sounds like this is a very healthy move for you and your daughter. :) Congratulations for being such a caring and devoted parent! :) You seem very motivated! :) I would like to mention the Wahls Diet to you and to your daughter and family, also know as The Wahls Protocol. I have followed Dr. Wahls closely for a few years now. Her personal story is quite remarkable. :) (Internet search) I hope life gets better, for you and for your daughter, with each passing day. :) I enjoy our optimism and your willingness to go the distance to help your daughter. :) Thank you! KT_Rose


I've been to the Canaries a few times in the hat year and immediately felt better with the heat going into my bones. I'be been telling friends and family I want to live abroad and just came across your article. ..I'll take it as a sign. Enjoy the Sun and the life change 😊


I am so pleased that it is helping your daughter and I genuinely hope that you can get everything sorted.

Good luck



I am so pleased that you are at last in a better place and the warm weather and treatments are making a difference in your daughter's and consquently your life. I do hope that everything carries on working out for you both.x


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