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Hi, I just wondered if anyone had any advice or experience with applying for PIP. I'm not sure if it is worth me applying as my abilities are so variable. At worst I can't wash or cook for myself. Even when things are 'good' all my energy is used trying to work my 20 hrs per week on amended duties. I use crutches to walk outside of the house and when bad don't get out at all. Money is so tight right now as my income is the only one coming in as other half has been made redundant. So trying not to go off sick from work.

Do they allow for the bad days? Any thoughts greatly appreciated :-)

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  • Hi Mumsania.

    PIP is supposed to be a better benefit than DLA was for fluctuating conditions. I would apply for it but if you can get help from a benefit adviser, CAB or perhaps you have a local charity that can help you fill out the rather long daunting forms. You have nothing to lose in my opinion.

    Someone else may be able to give you more advice.

    Good Luck if you decide to claim.

    Caz. Xx

  • Thanks Caz, that's good to know. I'll get in touch with CAB xx

  • Apply for it , you have nothing to lose, take some advice, get help with the form and try xx

  • Thanks angelm54, it's great to have support xx

  • I applied, didnt think i would get it , the man was really nice and withing 3 months i am driving my new mobility car, i opted for that as for me getting out and about is everything , good luck xx

  • Hello Mumsiana,

    We, FibroAction understand the problems faced when applying with Fibro, so we are able to supply you with step by step guides about PIP via email attachment. Please email us using info@fibroaction.org and our Admin Assistant Karen will be happy to send them to you. Please do not provide your email address here on the community.

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Thanks Emma, that'll be a great help :-)

  • Hi, I saw this answer the other day & sent an email to get the info but havent received any thing. Any idea how long it takes to get it?

  • Hello Mushmel2903,

    Thank You for letting us know about your email, apologies you haven't had a reply as yet.

    We do receive quite a few emails & we as volunteers try to answer them as quickly & efficiently as we possibly can. If you'd like to ask our Admin Assistant Karen (SmartcarKaz on here) about your request, she will be happy to help you :)

    Do you know how to private message on here? as giving out email on the open community is not advisable due to internet security.

    Hope this resolves the issue

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Ive no idea how to private message on here sorry

  • Good luck with your application


  • Thanks Ken :-)

  • Took me 10 months and assessment at home, a dissalowance, even though i was recieving dla at high rate, requested madatory recon, they messed up my claim i sent in all my medical evidence, an email to my MP roughly 86 phone calls and supportive letterts my husband typed and was awarded Higher Rate Care & Mobility last week

  • Sounds like it was a tough road but so pleased you finally got the help you deserve and need x

  • Hi

    Suggest benefits and works benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso... for reliable info also to keep a diary of your problems

    Have you a local advice centre who can help and advice


  • Thanks dillm2, I'll check out the link :-)

  • Hi

    When filling out your PIP form, please remember to use information from how you feel on your worst days. That's the only way you can get them to appreciate what we go through. From your brief description of your symptoms, I know that you should be awarded PIP, you just need to communicate it and let it reflect in your answers. The information from the administrator is really helpful. All the best...

  • Thanks LadyPenelope, great advice :-)

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