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Is it worth applying for PIP

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I have got several medical condition, chronic fatigue , fibromyalgia, over active thryiod, endometriosis, ryhaurds , it all effect my life and I'm really struggling. It it worth applying for. Just worried as I bought

My first car

Under finance and I love

My car just want to earn enough for me to keep it. Any idea on if it work applying for PIP if working is effecting me

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Hi .theres no harm in trying .they can only say no.. if you did get the rate for car you can get money instead .there is 2 rates.just phone them dwp they will send forms usually 6 weeks to fill in .do give an explanation on every question on wot you can't do etc.think of your worse day.finally give this a go it's not legally binding you don't give name and it tells you at end how many points you get for pip and wot rates they think you should get mind it's not legally binding just an opinion. It's benefits for work PIP self test Google it see how you get on good luck

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Hayley95 in reply to Ajay575

Thank you I will try and give it ago.

They might say I'm too young

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Ajay575 in reply to Hayley95

Again does not come into it .it's wot you can't do that counts mind .try no say sometimes mind.let me no how you got on on self test

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Hayley95 in reply to Ajay575

I will do thank you

It's not really a case of 'I've got this ,so I should get that' . There are some who just cannot do full time work, or part time come to that. Others could but choose not therefor it's how your conditions affect you personally and if you fall into the former or latter category.if the former then you should get help and it's certainly worth applying.

As others have said it's not what conditions you have but what you can't now do and how this effects your life.Many do try and fail.I got full points but chose not to part with most for a car. We already have an old one so will see how that lasts out.

I think you need to get enhanced rate too but you can have tax free for any car aswell.I don't do that

Definitely apply. Always take a friend/family member with you, someone who knows how your health is affected and can chip in.

Yes please do, I had it when I was in work. Sadly too poorly too now. But you need to spend time planning your form. Good luck.😘

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