first time at me cfs fibro group today

Well finally made it to a local group I got in touch with them in July and was going to attend but could not remember where the lady had said they meet at totally brain dead some times. I had wrote it down and lost the piece of paper finally found it a few days ago. Lovely bunch of people who have been involved in the group since it started been running 7 years. Talked about diet and got a few tips of websites and ME north east address talked about how isolating it is to have something that a lot of people can't understand unless they have suffered with it. Glad i made the effort as i seem to be stuck in with not being able to walk far without pain in my left leg lately. I wonder why hospitals don't have groups of people to stop isolation of the condition. this group funds itself as too much red tape apparently to get funding. It's nice to connect with others socially without judgement. and they are understanding as they have the same condition we laughed about me not knowing where it was for months but they all could understand brain fog. I need to get out more and have a laugh. all in all a good day the social aspect diverted my brain from the pain for a while

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  • Hello linksey

    It sounds like you had a lovely time, I am so pleased for you :-) yes it is a shame there aren't more around.. I am lucky enough to have a lovely friend I meet up with who also suffers and it is so nice to to be able to chat.

    Make sure you keep going it sounds like it has done you good.

    Well done.

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • Hi I go to a group in Dunfermline fife. It too is self funded. A great bunch. Good to talk to others in the same boat. Mon judgemental. If anyone wants. Details give me a shout always looking for new people to help and offer support

  • I am glad you had a nice time i wish i had one near me but i checked and the nearest one is too far away to get to. thats why i join a group like this but it would be nice to meet up with people.

  • Yes fab idea... Haven't heard of anything like that around here either,, how would you find out ? X

  • There is definately a need fo more support groups around the country. I am trying to get one organized in Banbury, Oxfordshire but funding is an issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hi all the group was set up with the help of an organisation called M.E northeast I found out about it through our local groups magazine. Apparently the local one life centre (health centre ) should have details and the library maybe would be somewhere to look they have a list of local groups usually. There must be loads of people suffering all over the country that could do with help advice support and just the social aspect of meeting people who understand that you have good days and bad days Funding is an issue at the moment with all groups but this group have decided to part fund it themselves as long as the rent is paid for their meetings. x

  • where abouts in the North East is this group please.

  • the one i went to was hartlepool if you look on the me northeast webpage there is a list of support groups.

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