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What a busy day follow up!

This morning I wrote a blog about the 4 appointments I had today and this is how it went...

I turned up for my 9 o'clock appointment with the nurse at my surgery only to be told that my appointment was for 9.30 not 9 o'clock as I thought...not a good start to the day,

This meant I was a little late for my first meeting at weight watchers,that was ok as I had a few mins before my 'leader' would give a talk and I was able to register,I came away with a few goodies and had already met some nice people and one lady had ME and fibro which was really great as we had quite a bit to talk about after the meeting had finished.

There was no time for me to go home as I had my hospital appointment 12 to have a nerve conduction test done on both hands to see if I have carpal tunnel,the report will be sent to my Rheumatologist so I will have to wait a few weeks to hear.

Whilst I was there I mentioned to the nurse that I will be coming back to the same area at 4.30 to have a monitor put on to sleep in over night to monitor my breathing as sometimes I stop breathing whilst asleep,I was very lucky as she went away and spoke to who was dealing with my next appointment and they were able to see me straight away,this made me very happy as I didn't need to come back again.

Before I went home i popped to the shops,I couldn't believe how many people stared,aswell as pushing a trolley and walking with my crutch I have tubes coming from each nostril which are fastened either side of my face!

I also have a big rubber thing on the end of my finger with a lead that runs up my arm and is attached to a smallish box which records my breathing whilst I sleep,all of this is attached by straps and micropore over a t-shirt on my chest!

I look like iv got a bomb strapped to me and would be pretty sure I would be arrested if I went into a shop with it all showing!

So what a busy day iv had,I'm so tired,and at the moment I'm trying to cook a really healthy meal for tea to kick start my diet!...PB xx

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That's some day...relax after tea.


I'm sorry, but the image of you in the shop made me laugh! did nobody ask you?



I hid the bomb looking device was hidden under my coat thank goodness,It could have been really embarrassing!...xx


I had nerve conduction tests yesterday too! How long do you have to wear the bomb for? xx


Hi lindylaine

I just had to sleep with the Bomb overnight,i was able to take it off myself when i woke up,it had to be returned to the hospital the following morning,as I work in the hospital I was in in the morning so it was no problem for me to return,I will be contacted in a couple weeks with the results...xx


I hope you get some helpful answers xxx


Thanks lindylaine,I hope alls well with it,the nurse said to me that she gets a lot of fibro sufferers coming to see her with them stopping breathing whilst sleeping.

The conduction test was quite strange aswell,again I will need to wait a couple weeks for the results on that,I had both hands done,did you have both hands done?..xx


Well after all that I hope ypu get t relax for a while. I wish you well with all the results xxxxx


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