How do you cope with the flu like aching

I take Tramadol prolonged release tablets which are really good for all the pain I get, but they do not touch the aching. I cannot find any relief & it drives me crazy it is everywhere in my body. I have ate a banana every day tried magnesium but they have not worked. If there is anyone who can help me I would be so grateful.

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  • Isn't it awful you described it exactly the way I did to the Occupational Therapist I saw on Monday, just like really bad flu but without the cold symptoms. If it is really bad I use the Epsom Salt bath method which gives a bit of relief by relaxing the muscles and use something like Musselflex as I find it helps a bit with the stiffness and discomfort and I think the massage needed to put it on can help the muscles. Sometimes heat can help but I actually find it is better if I put a cooling gel on for some reason. Try gentle stretching exercises as that can sometimes help and try to do something to distract you from the horrible sensation. if I have it at night I listen to music on the MP3 player. Hope you can find a solution soon.

    I am going to be interested in the replies in the hope of someone coming up with something I haven't tried.x

  • Thank you for your advice. I haven't a bath it was taken out as I could not use it. When I am under the shower the warm water helps but as soon as I get out it returns. I will try the Musselflex & the other things you have mentioned & hope I get some relief. x

  • What a shame about the bath. I admit I really struggle getting in and out and by the time I get out I sometimes wonder whether it was worth it but just the hour I spend in there without pain is bliss. Hope some of the tips help if I think of anymore (tired at the moment so brain not working well) will be in touch.x

  • Thank you.x

  • Rosewine has given great advice. When I'm disturbed at night I listen to music whilst wrapped in a duvet, not very practical but that's how I cope. xx

  • A hot Lavender scented bath, great for relaxing and pain. :P

  • My bath was taken out as I could not use it. I now have a shower and although the hot water sooths me when I get out the aching returns.

  • Hello Mollieo,

    I was going to say Epsom Salts but see you have no bath! Have you tried Muscle Creams? Here's a post about them ;

    On this post I mention a prescribed cream Capasain but be warned it does divide opinions, some find it amazing help ( like me ) and others have terrible reactions. It would most probably need a 24hr patch test I would think !

    Find out more via link above. Hope this helps :)

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

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  • Thank you.

  • It may help to discuss this issue witth your GP as they may be able to give you something for it?

    Good luck


  • I have and I take a lot of medication. I have been put on Tramadol 100 mg prolonged -release tablets and were they are giving me a lot of relief for the chronic pain they do not touch the aching. Thank you anyway for your advice.

  • I have found topical magnesium helpful. It used to be available in an oil only. I have since found a spray and a lotion. These are less mess. Hope you feel better soon.

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