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Does anyone have bouts of aching like I do

Somehow I cope with the pain it's the aching that sends me crazy. I get bouts of it wakes me up and I do not know what to do with myself. I can go days without it then it just hits me. Its like the aching you get when you have flu but without the cold symptoms I take pain killers but they do not always work. i have to ride it out. Last night i was up at 3.30am and again at 5.30am. I feel so tired today.and really washed out.

Mollieo. x

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Yes I get this now and again and it's exactly like you say like flu without the cold symptoms!


I get this almost every day - and night!

I'm always awake in the small hours with it, and the only thing that helps is to move around a bit and have a hot shower. Together with some pain-killers that will usually give me a bit of rest, but it's a nuisance!

I gather that the old-fashioned tricyclic antidepressants such as dosulepin are the best treatment for this, and I do take it from time to time for sleeping.

I am going to try a regular dose to see if it reduces my pain levels.

I don't know what medication you're on, Mollieo, but you might want to ask your GP about this.

Moffy x


Hi, I suffer from this aching most days and nights as well. GP has upped gabapentin to 900mg daily and also changed my pain killers from cocodamol 30/500 to tramadol which I am supposed to take 4 x a day. I am finding myself more tired than usual which has seen me stay in bed nearly all day cause I cant muster the energy to get up! I am sick of this horrible illness and wonder what horrors it will leave me to deal with next.


I found when I first started with tramadol I was tired for a while once body Adjusted I was OK, I found rather than take them in the daytime, take 2 a couple of hours before bed (to kick in) and when I wake in the night take 2 then, I try as much as I can to stay away from them during the day and rely on Paracetamol, At times I will have to take a couple through the day.

I ache a lot but at night it is the sensation of pressure that keeps me awake, I sometimes feel like the princess and the pea feel like I am lying on a bed of pebbles, wish I could find a decent mattress.


thats how i am everyday i am getting worse.... i have had fibro for 16yrs at least i work part time in a kitchen & have had to reduce my hours even more so i can rest pahhhh as if that happens with my lot... but i cant sleep i do take tramadol 4 a day & other meds for high blood pressure colestrol but i just rest & sleep when ever i can i went to do a bit of shopping today with one of my daughters but had to come home i get the shakes from the diabetes so i go giddy i hope you get a good nights sleep soon i do get the odd one now & then but i just learnt to live with it, but i have bad days....& good ones the best time is when im on holiday like i went to india for 6wks & was really well but soon as we got back i was bad ppl say its all in my head but they havent got the same pain but thats how i explain it as flu cause thats what it feels like hope you get some sleep soon xx


I'm joining the others mollieo in saying that what you are experiencing is very much what we here go through. Some days it is easier to cope with, and others, well you just have to consign them to the rubbish bin and write them and you off for a while until the aches, pains and IBS, migraines and all that goes with fibro, eases.

I think it could be a good idea for you to speak with your GP and possibly get you referred either to a pain management clinic or to a rheumy , which ever he feels is appropriate.

I sympathise with what you are going through and hope that you manage to get some relief really soon. Gentle hugs Foggy x


Hi all I am sorry but I have not made my question clear. I have had fibro now for 19 years. I went to the pain clinic for 7 years and did a pain management course. i see my Doctor at least every 3 months and he makes sure I am getting the right medication. I take 6 to 8 Baclofen, 3 Amitriptyline at night, 6 to 8 tramadol, 6 to 8 Paracetamol. I also take 1 Loratadine to help with my allergies. I get. 6 Rizatriptan a month for my migraines, Hypromellose drops for my dry eyes and a Budesonide inhaler to also help with the allergies.. I just wanted to know how you all cope with the aching mine is very intense you would think with that lot I would not feel it but I sure do.I will try walking around and a hot shower to see if it helps. x



Yes I get this aching too, horrible, but I found someting that helps a bit quite by accident, I also suffer from rls, and read that Magnesium oil can help with aching legs.

Now if things are bad I use it, on arms and legs, and it really does make a difference to me!

Could be worth a try, I got mine in a local health shop, not too expensive, and lasts for ages.

Good luck, Cazx


Thank you I will give it a go and I will post if it works. x


I don't ache half as much since I added a banana a day to my diet... They contain magnesium , potassium and serotonin, and as its a food it's less expensive than buying supplements on top of food bills



I think I am allergic to banana's. I kept getting really bad face pains and it tied in from when I had a banana. I have not had that pain since or a banana.

Mollieo x


I ache all the time these days, my GP says it could be a broken heart. :) A banana you say, can you get them on prescription VG.


Actually I think my body is tied in with weather contitions, no joke, any bad weather and my aches get worse. Its snowing here at the moment and my friggin back aches.


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