How do you guys cope with headaches?

I am very lucky in that headache is not normally on my list of fibro fun. I know some of you suffer badly. Today though I have a doozy, first in a long time.

Any tips? I have taken my usual one morning gabapentin and two co codamol but so far no luck. It's one of the 'alldown one side behind the ear type pains.

I have snapped at hubby a few times. Need to get it gone as I have daughter and grandson comeing for the weekend. Also I promised my friend two crumbles and merangue concoction for a party tomorrw night but I don't feel like beating eggs or rubbing fat into flour right now.

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  • The only remedy for a bad headache - apart from medication - is a good hour lying down in a cool, darkened room.

    If you can do some relaxation exercises at the same time that's even better. If that doesn't work, then your day is a write-off!

    Of course if the headache worsens or you are vomiting, then you need the doctor asap.

    Sorry not to be more encouraging, but that's how it is - headaches are a d*@$ nuisance on top of everything else. Hope you feel better soon!

    Moffy x

  • Thanks Ladymoth. I am trying the heat treatment but if it does not work I will be off to ma bed!!!

  • Hi spidey, I suffer from migraine and know that I have to get into a cook darkened room with blackout eye mask on and lie there until my meds kick in. I take Maxalt which dissolve in your mouth and are absorbed quickly into the system, which is good if you're feeling sick. You say you're trying heat treatment, just from my experience,(and I know it's different for everyone) heat would make things worse, if anything a cold flannel on the forehead, I think it's because heat inflames the blood vessels and then makes more pain, cold however encourages them not to be inflamed (Foggy's loosing the plot here ! )........ maybe moffy could describe it better. Whatever though I hope that you manage to get better really soon.

    Foggy x

  • I agree, Foggy - use an ice-pack. In my experience it almost always works better than heat, but in our chilly climate everyone thinks I'm crackers!

    Moffy x

  • It'seasing off now thanks. Hoping to go our and have a lttle mooch around the shops when my daughter gets here. She lives apart from my grandson so they meet up and stay here for the weekend once a month. It's a bit hectic but I disappearupstairs to the office occasionally for a bit of peace!!!!

  • My headaches are caused by muscle spasms in neck and shoulders ... Diazepam and bed... For me

    VG x

  • Tiger balm can sometimes help. If you can remember to buy some! Guess who ran out ages ago.

  • I also use tiger balm and the darkened room and cold compress method. Suffered from the blasted headache for years, I can usually shake them off after 3/4 hours unless it is one of those where I can't hold my head up and when I put my head on the pillow my pulse bangs through my head like a drum then I know I am in for a long haul (2/3 days). Nothing but bed dark room and meds .

  • Hi the only tablets that help with my headaches is tesco's own capsules the box is red & yellow they are fab and only ones that help me x

  • I get terrible migraines, and after many treatments and extra tabs I still get at least one a week ..... If I start with a headache I take 2 panadol extra (in the red packet) and they r the only ones which will work ..... If it doesn't go I have sumatriptan which the doc prescribes ..... I only have one of those, and the chemist said if a migraine doesn't go after 1 of those, don't bother taking another as it won't go xxxxx hope that helps xxxxx from someone who has had 10 migraines in 14 days when at my worst I do feel for u xxxx the doc also prescribed amatriptilan to b taken at night, I have gone from 10 to 40 mg xxxx so speak to your doc, don't suffer in silence xxxx big quiet hugs xxxx

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