How do you cope with fatigue when resting isn't making any difference ,

9 hours ago Zforsyth

I don't know what to do

Hi fellow fibro peeps. Please can someone give me some idea as to what I should do. I have started programme with my OT to try and help teach me to rest a pace better to get some control of my symptoms. Also doing mindfulness techniques... Well learning to. And also trying to fit in a few basic yoga moves to try and help keep me mobile. Also as I haven't slept at night very well for a long time been trying new relaxation tips at bedtime , however no matter how well I have now started to sleep at night I am constantly fatigued..... Not a bit I am proper done in!!! I am drained just going to the loo or getting a drink. I try and sleep but I can't always as I am in pain a lot at the moment with joint pain . But this fatigue is getting me down now, no matter what I do I feel exhausted. My mum and my sister want me to go see them and I have said about going zoo with my mum on a train ride (something we both enjoy) but at the moment I feel terrible and can't see me being able to go, All I seem to be able to do is get dressed.... Anyone have any tips or is driving me insane, please help me .

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  • Hi Zforsyth,

    Sounds like you are having a hard time of it.i too suffer from chronic fatigue and it got to the point where I was going to bed tired and waking up tired.Rheumy has recently prescribed Gabapentin which seems to help me go to sleep.i also take Amytriptyline and eterocoxib which all help me sleep.the fatigue is still there but I now have good and bad days.what medications are you on?might be worth talking to your GP/hospital about it.good luck.

  • Hi I feel for you. I like most of us have developed a sleep disorder I sleep very little I have good days (which would probably be cause for concern for someone who doesn't suffer FMS). When I get really fatigued I have gone to the doctors for a weeks supply of sleeping pills they are not wonderful or even work like they should but I do get more rest than normal. As my dr has pointed out this is not really the thing to do, but she could see I was in difficultly. It got me over a bad time. Try to rest your thoughts play music you like have a good loud sing song. Reading will often help me drop off for my 20 mins sleep. You have probably tried and tested the usual so I'm not going to suggest them. What I found I had to do was not get stressed about not being able to sleep. Some nights I just accept that I'm going to have a bad night . I got sky plugged into my bedroom this helps me to stop thinking and helps me to not focus on sleep or lack of it. It's surprising what you can learn at 3 and 4 in the morning. I hope this helps good luck x

  • Hi zforsyth, I agree with Riles-17 about not stressing when you don't seem to be able to drop off or get any deep, restful sleep. I find that the more I stress about not sleeping, well then of course, I get panicky & worried that I've got things to do in the morning & that I need to get to sleep now! Which obviously is not helpful! I just try & relax my breathing & allow my mind to wander so that it's not focused on the insomnia so much. At least that way I stop the panic attacks! Also, I have stopped taking Slow Release Tramadol which has stopped me having so many dreams, & I have started taking my Amitriptyline earlier in the evening than I used to & I think that has helped me stop feeling so tired out the next day. I am trying to improve my motivation during the day as I too get fatigued easily, & often feel it's just easier to sit or lie down watching tv, not thinking, not moving, so I can only hope that you can persevere & get some relieve from your fatigue problems.

    Gentle hugs & good luck,

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie do you find that amitriptyline helps you to sleep? I started taking it a few years ago I started off on 10 mg and self medicated I took 50mg for about 2 years with really no affect. I am at the moment trying to reduce them I have got as far as20 mg any lower is affecting my mood. They caused weight gain and made my chest bigger which can be a side affect as we'll. if you knew me you would laugh because that Is one area I def don't need help with. Ha ha. I find that Tramadol keeps me going when I taken them they give me a boost of energy well I am able to get off the sofa and move, so when I go to bed and take Tramadol it wakes me giving me that little burst of life not a bit of wonder I can't sleep!!!!!!

  • Sorry not to have replied before, Riles-17, I have had a bad week & have been in more pain than usual & not able to get onto the computer, & I have been just sitting almost all day some days, & our computer is upstairs in the box room & I just couldn't face climbing the stairs.

    Yes, I find that my 50mg of amitriptyline helps me sleep, just about. On the box of the 50 mg capsules of Tramadol I now take, it says that they may cause drowsiness, so I don't think they are keeping me awake, but I also take Loratadine 10mg each night for my allergies, which also says on the packet may cause drowsiness, so don't know if it's the combination of these that are helping me sleep better?

    I know what you mean about the weight gain though!

    Julie xxx

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