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does anyone else use a wheelchair part time? like instead of walking round shops or on days out. just that ive been finding it really hard to walk out so i got one. thing is yes i do need it but would also like to stretch my legs for a couple of minutes but im self concious that people will think im faking.but im not as you all know walking makes the pain worse than it already is

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  • Hi Bluebell, I don't currently use a wheelchair though the buggys that you can hire in shopping centres are appealing when I know where I want to go to but I know I am not able, which is equally frustrating. I do use a rollator that has a seat so I can rest when I need to. I know what you mean about being self conscious, I sometimes think that wearing a sign round my neck stating that I am actually ill but today is a good day day or something similar, would be a good option. Sorry I haven't answered your question, but if someone else does, I will be grateful for the advice given. I hope that makes sense, my fog is thick today :-)


  • Hi Linda. I have spent the last to days feeling like i have hit the bottle. every thing is difficult and all because i painted a few shelves. I enjoyed it though and cant wait for this to pass so that i can finish the last few. :P

  • Hi Bluebell. I use a power chair for longish walks, ( more than one shop :P ) But need to get out and walk now and then or i get Restless legs. so i walk around small shops or to go to the loo using my walking stick to help me.

    It is what i need to do and so i just go ahead and do it.

    Hugs sue.

  • It is about doing what is best for you not the approval of those that do not understand because it is not visible. Look after yourself you know how it feels when you dont.

  • thank you all for the good advice x

  • Yes I use a wheelchair pushed by my husband if we go to town.I also have a walking stick and a zimmer frame for house /or garden use,with handrails in certain parts of the home and garden.

    I have Fibro,Osteoarthritis in hands and feet,plus Emphysema.

    I do what feels right for me,as you should do imo.take care :)

  • Hi Bluebell :)

    Yes I have a power chair and I often get up and use my sticks to go to the bathroom if I'm out having lunch for instance. I think I kept telling myself it didn't matter what onlookers thought because it's none of their darn business. However, I understand how you feel which is why I carry my walking sticks with me because it states that I'm not completely immobile :)

    It's a shame that people think we're faking it or when we look well there can't be anything wrong with us but what matters is how you feel and not them. I think that with a little bit of confidence you'll soon forget to think about it :)

    The chair will give you more independance which far outweighs what anyone thinks.... once you get used to it :)

    {{{{{{ Bluebell }}}}}} Soft positive and confident fluffie hugs for you

    xxx sian :)

  • this has been something I have often thought about as there are places I now can't go to as can't walk for long periods of time, like I wanted to go to London for my birthday last year but didn't go as knew I wouldn't be able to manage it, it was very disappointing, and then you think why should I not be able to go and enjoy what everyone else is able to. I am now going to look into the possibility of hiring a wheelchair for such occasions. I just need to get over that feeling of admitting defeat as I know that it really isn't (well the sensible side of me does lol). I don't know if my reply is of any help to you but at least you know you are not alone in your thoughts about this

    Hugs Ness xx

  • hi ness, i hired a wheelchair last summer when we went away for a few days & im so glad that i done it. i went to parks &a zoo which i hadn't been able to do for years. when we got back my husband got me to buy one as every time we went shopping i had to keep sitting down every couple of minutes & what would of taken me half an hour to do a few yrs ago was taking 2/3 hrs & leaving me in total agony & worn out so yes it's better that way. i just feel that when i get out to go to the toilet or a really small shop other people think im faking coz i look well. i think il take everyones advice & say stuff these people who don't have a clue what we go through xx

  • Hi Bluebell, thanks for that, it is good to know that you can hire them and I am certainly going to do that, I know what you mean regarding people thinking you are faking it, I have a blue badge and when we use it sometimes we get looks from people as if to say why are you parking there, just because you look ok on the outside, they don't know the pain you are suffering on the inside, one rude man actually came up to us and said we had no right to park there and my husband said you should think before you talk and my wife has a blue badge which she would not have got was she not entitled to it, you should be ashamed of yourself for making assumptions, he never even said sorry, just scurried off. It is the people who make the assumptions that feel bad about it, not us explaining ourselves, so I say definitely do what makes it easier for you xxx

  • Hi bluebell10

    I use a tri-walker and a electric scooter, I find them really useful as I cannot walk too far. I want to wish you all the best of luck if you decide to give a wheelchair a go.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you, i will

  • It's so hard to be a part time wheelchair user isn't it. (Altho obviously different issues if you are a full time user! I don't mean to say it's easier if you use one full time!). I'm the same and I don't want to take my crutches if I'm using my wheelchair as they get in the way. So sometimes I need to get out. You have to just not care what people think, expect that they're not judging you, and know that there's others looking at you thinking it's good you can use a chair part time.

  • Think of it as something that enables you to do more. Who gives a damn what others think about you anyway? Let them judge in their ignorance, and if they make comments then you educate them. If you can take a chair out and use it only some of the time, then it has enabled you to do more, go further, and then hopefully, NOT collapse by the time you're home. I was offered a stick, but have turned it down because I genuinely think I can cope without it at this point, but if the time comes when I can't, you can be certain I'll use it as and when I need to, because it will be helping me to do what would otherwise be too difficult to manage.

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