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Hi all hope your having a pain free night, iam waiting for my esa appeal whitch is on 9th March a wet tomorrow. My trouble is they have all the evidence from my specilist s medical reports ect I asked my doctor for a letter of support and was told NO if they want more evidence then they can ask me for it themselves, ( not helpful at all ) I have been seeing my doctor for over 16 years so she knows me inside out and all my illnesses so why would she not write me a letter of support I feel so let down and upset about it as she has always been a great doctor who listens to me and understands me , so I thought. Anyway getting very nervouse about the court case but iam determined to go there and do my best to get through to them. Thanks for reading my rant. Have a good night x

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  • Hi Gilly, Glad you are reaching out! :)

    I get the impression your doctor feels confidence in the medical evidence as it stands?

    Is this possible?

    The waiting periods on these hearings can be full of anxiety.

    We are always concerned about the outcome. In addition, it's often tough to go into a hearing and tell it like it is. We may feel very vulnerable in front of strangers. We have to talk about things that we don't like and may sometimes embarrass us or remind us of how sad we may feel inside.

    One of the big questions is: How are you going to get through the next several days with minimal anxiety? What helps you during stressful times?

    Another may be: How will you prepare for your hearing and getting through the process?

    You had mentioned you do not feel your doctor's support. Do you have a family and/or social support network?

    In Support,


  • Thankyou for your support yes I have my daughter and a very good friend who have been with me all the way and they will be with me to the end it's been a long hard fight but without them I would have given up 2 years ago. I will update you on results after the court case. Thanks for being there for my rants. Xxx

  • Hi Gilly2111

    I am so sorry to read that your GP will not write a letter of support for you in advance, and I would hope that the tribunal will contact your GP for further information and evidence. I also want to wish you all the very best of luck with your case, and I sincerely hope that you win!

    Good luck


  • Thankyou for your support 1 week today and it's all over so will keep you updated. Have a pain free day x

  • Hi Gilly. Like Crazy_Horse responded, maybe she just feels that the evidence speaks for itself. A letter may be more than is right for this situation. But it might have been nice of her to explain herself. I am sorry for the anxiety you are having, but it is no surprise, since it is a nerve wracking experience for any of us who have been through the process.

    I applied for Social Security Disability (here in the US), was turned down twice - the usual - and finally had a hearing. Two years that took. It is common to wait 45 to 90 days for a judment and it's almost 40 now. I check the mail every day anyway. So I really do understand the nerves.

    I hope all goes well for you. Just stick to your guns, have confidence to speak up for yourself, and believe you're going to get it with all your heart. Don't let the turkeys get you down.

  • Thankyou so much. I've been fighting this for 2. 1/2 years so will be glad when it's over. (Not long now). Iam going to stand up and tell the truth of how all these illnesses have changed my life and make sure they get the message that these invisible illnesses are real and are disabling in so many ways hope you get yours soon. Good luck and will keep you updated on my results x take care xxx

  • Hi Gilly, I really wouldn't worry about your GP not giving you a letter. I recently had my PIP tribunal and the only extra evidence I had was a blue badge assessment. The panel mainly wanted to hear what I had to say. They had all the previous evidence highlighted and in front of them and were really just clarifying how badly I was affected.

    I hope it goes well for you on the day, you do need to take someone with you,

    good luck, Linda

  • Hi lruk thankyou for your reply yes I have my daughter friend and hubby is taking us. So not alone Take care x

  • Hi Gilly2111,

    Sorry you are having such a stressful time at present. Personally, I would make an appointment with my doctor to (politely) discuss her reply. I find that my memory problems worsen with stress so I try to make notes about what I would like to discuss with the doctor (it would help you at the hearing also) so that I don't forget something! Also, maybe if you compiled a list of symptoms and how they affect your everyday life, maybe your doctor could let you know if she agrees with your summary and maybe sign it?! Perhaps you could take your daughter or your friend or both of them with you to the GP and/or to the hearing for support. I think you will feel more empowered the more prepared you are on the day.

    I know it's very hard to cope with all the stress at the moment but remember meditation, mindfulness and exercise of some sort if you are able to. I am sending you a big hug and have said a prayer for you.

    God bless you and keep you safe,

    Omshanti 12

  • Thankyou so much I have wrote a letter to say my illnesses and how they effect me on a daily basis. IT could be a best seller lol. Iam trying to keep positive and not stress too much but I think I will be ok. It has got to happen and there is nothing I can do but tell the truth and hope they see for themselves that these illnesses are here for life and I have to take each and every day as it comes. Good ( very rarely ) or bad. I will take everyone's advice and support with me and it will make me stronger. Hope you have a pain free day x thankyou x

  • Yes, LOL, I know what you mean about a "best seller" - hope it has a happy ending! God bless you, Omshanti12 x

  • Hi Gilly do hope this Assesment goes well for you. Take Care. Xx

  • Thankyou x

  • Hi Gilly'

    many gp's have to follow their own practice policy's , so it's not a reflection on you.

    I like you got very upset when they wouldn't write a letter, I suppose they would have much more work they don't agree with these assessments anyway.

    All the best with it looks like you have all the evidence from specialists.

  • Thanks twinks I hope I've done enough x

  • Thankyou fibroglow x

  • normally surgeries charge for letters, when I needed one for access to work in was charged though when the nmc needed one they were charged and I think it was around the same amount (£20) although the second was one line because my GP was disgusted with the request. So it may be policy

    Hoping it all goes well

  • Thankyou for your reply ailsamary I think they do charge but my daughter would pay anyway and my doctors hate it when anyone asks for letters. They think that the dwp should do all the work as they already have so much evidence . Dwp think everyone is lying. X

  • I belong to a benefits website and they say that the company, previously atos don't write to request all the information. Am assuming in your case that you provided the information yourselves.

    I was being medically discharged and had access to my occupational health records and gave them a copy. And also the judgement from the pensions people as well.

    I was fortunate enough to be granted PIP and was also put in an upper ESA group where it continues after the contribution period onto a continual one which is not means tested

  • Hi, I have an ESA medical coming up on the 11th of this month & I am dreading it. I have been to 3 medicals in the past. 1st one went OK but I only scored 6 points. 2nd medical was horrible & traumatic, got 0 points but 3rd although it was difficult went well and I was placed in the support group for 1 year. Now that year is up & here we go again! I really don't know if I can go through it again... I'm seriously considering not going. I'm am stressed to the Max!

  • Hi mags49 please don't give up hunny that's what they want us to do. I know how hard and stressful it all is but please be strong and stand up for what is rightfully yours. I've had esa and pip assesments and been to court 2 1/2 yrs ago and I won. So please don't give up it will all be worth it in the end. Hope all goes well for you sending ((((hugs)))) x

  • You're not kidding Gilly. I think our Social Security wants people to give up and that's why they deny your appeals the first and second time. You just have to hammer away at them!

  • Thank you Gilly for your support and encouragement. I needed a kick up the bum! Lol. Wishing you well. Xx

  • Hi mags 49 was just wondering how yor assesment went, hope you are well x

  • Hi Gilly, I got a letter saying I didn't have to go to the assessment because they received more information. Phew!! I have been placed in the support group. I rang them to ask how long for but they said there is no limit and I could get another medical form in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months etc... Which means I will not be able to relax wondering when its going to come through the letterbox. Last time I was placed in the support group for 1 year... At least then I knew I could relax for a while. Thanks for asking. Wishing you well, Mags x

  • Hi Gilly, sorry but I thought I had replied to this... I actually do remember typing but I must have messed it up when I submitted it. I didn't have to go to the assessment after all.. Yay. I had a letter a few days before the assessment date stating that they had received more information and was placed in the support group. What a relief!! Thanks, take care, Mags xx

  • Hi Gilly :)

    Having a rant with others who understand is good to help settle the mind.

    I'm sorry your GP's reaction was like that and hope you don't mind me asking if you asked her why?

    If you're feeling fed up or anxious there's always someone nearby to speak to here :)

    Good luck on 9th March and I'm sending some positive fluffie hugs for you :)

    {{{{{{ Gilly }}}}}}

    xxx sian :)

  • Hi zeb73. Thankyou for your reply. Yes asked why and she said that the doctors are so fed up with the dhs. People always asking for letters off docs when they have all the evidence they need and the docs are sick of doing there jobs, if dhs want more evidence then they should ask the docs themselves. And not put more presure on the ill and disabled . If dhs ask for more evidence then they have to pay the docs. This is why they are telling the ill disabled to do it. Save them money , not daft are they. Anyway thankyou and have a great night x

  • Ahh! I thought as much.

    It cost £30 for a supporting letter from my GP :o

    We could barely afford it :(

    Take care Gilly xx

  • My doc did me a letter 3 years ago for nothing. That's why I was shocked that she wouldn't do one for me now, but things have changed within the system and its all about saving them money. Take care x

  • Hi gilly, I really wouldn't worry about any supporting evidence the only evidence I had was my prescription, I really would try not to get so stressed about your appeal I know they are very stressfull I got so stressed out before my own appeal that I think I made myself worse I think listening to other peoples horror stories doesn't help neither I was so scared when I went to my tribuneral and there really was no need the judge and the doctor I had were lovely and very understanding I won just tell the truth of how it effects you and your life the very best of luck to you Rhian xx

  • Thankyou rhian I kow hunny this is my 2nd appeal . Just can't wait for it to be over. Have a good night x

  • Lay your illness on thick it sounds like you need to!

  • Thanks for the reply x

  • I know how that letter thing goes. My disability claim palced more emphasis on my Bipolar illness than the fibro and old injuries that limit me, but with those in my medical records they were part of the discussion with the judge.

    As for the letter, my GP "doesn't do that." That was from the nurse when she called me back. So I think it is part of the policy and procedure of the GP's clinic not to do such a thing. Doesn't seem right, but oh well.

    For my psychiatrist, that was like pulling teeth. Luckily I had a very good, empathetic, and hard working therapist. She went through my records herself, doing a very thorough job. She had already been treating me for a couple years so she was very familiar with me. She finally wrote the letter and had the doctor sign it. As long as the darn doc didn't have to do the work, she was compliant.

  • Hi lovely, thought I might give u some hope I went to my tribunal last week, felt anxious as hell for weeks before which didn't help with this condition! I almost felt that nobody believed anything was wrong with me in the end! I was told when I got there I would be questioned about my condition for up to 3 quarters of an hour and my partner who I took with me for support was not allowed to butt in but will be able to have his say at the end! I was really nervous when I walked in the judge smiled and so did the doctor he said directly to me ' I have read all your reports and I do not want to put you though anymore pain, I am pleased to tell u that u have won your appeal due to variability and now u may go! I was so shocked couldn't believe it and it was over just like that!! Hope yours goes as well and I wish u all the luck in the world!! Try not to worry they are only humans like us! Take care xx

  • Hi Gilly, In addition to documentation from the specialists, be fully prepared to honestly detail the effects upon your daily life. It's challenging to openly talk about all of the effects, especially in front of strangers and when we may be feeling "judged." However, nobody can argue against your own daily experiences with the effects upon you.

    Being so open and honest can also feel humiliating; yet, it's critical you be able to tell your own story. Remember the officials present hear cases often and likely do hold some compassion, whether or not they can say so on the record.

    This is a chance for you to tell your own story. Go for it! :D

    There are still a few days before the hearing. How are you dealing with the extra stress?

    Have you been able to enjoy other aspects of life by giving yourself a break from this stressor, now and then?

    In Support,


  • I would like everyone to kno that I had my ESA appeal today and I have been put into the support group. It's been a long hard road but now I can relax and get my dignity back. So thankyou to everyone that replyed to my post. And anyone who is waiting for there appeals good luck and take care xxx

  • So glad for you we all worry when we have to go through this stress, it doesn't help our condition you can now try to live as comfortable as you can my thoughts are with you xx

  • Thankyou for all your support it was a daunting experience but it's over now for 2 years at least. Sending hugs and take care. Good luck to you all x

  • Hi mags I'm so pleased for you hunny those assessments are horrid makes you feel like your telling porkies. When I went to court. It said I wasn't to be assessed for 2 years I think this is the norm or so I've been told. Can they do this to you if your in support group. I would check on that hunny. Anyway glad you have got it all sorted. Good luck for the future and take care xxx

  • Thank you Gilly, I'm not sure what they can and cannot do anymore, but I will get advice on this. Best of luck to you too. Xx

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