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Hi guys sorry to moaning again I had my phone call with doctor today about my results and letter from rhumalogist she states on the letter that I should try other pain relief but he is refusing 😒😥 the vitamin d deficiency he says not to low nothing to worry about which the rhuematologist had stated clearly on letter was a deficiency. She also wants me to be tested for celiac because of vitamins b12 d folic acid but he said you have already been tested for this no need to repeat. I was trying to explain that by the end of my shift on Saturdays I am in so much pain need something stronger he just cut me off I am at my wits end with it all please can anyone give me advise what to do next x x

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  • Hi Zita - sorry you are struggling with a hopeless doctor. It sounds to me like you need to change this doctor. If he is refusing to do what the consultant asks then he clearly hasn't a clue. Is there another doctor you could see in the same practice - or could you change to another practice where you might find a doctor with more sense?

    Regarding the vitamin D, I supplement myself with vit D3 softgels. They aren't expensive so you might want to try this. There's also a B12 spray you can buy (again, I don't think this is too expensive) and also folate tablets. If the consultant suspects coeliac disease then you could always try going gluten-free yourself. It may help. Some people can be intolerant to gluten even if they don't test positive for coeliac disease.

    Good luck, and I hope you can find a better GP. It sounds like your rheumy is sensible anyway. :-)

  • Change Doctors!!! I think athe rheumatologist who is a specialist in his field knows more than your GP about your condition, what's the point of seeing a specialist if your GP isn't going to listen to what he says, it's ridiculous, as said is there another Dr n the practice you could see? Good luck hope you get some sense soon

  • Legally it is the doctor signing the prescription maintains the clinical responsibility for any medication he or she prescribes. If a doctor cannot satisfy themself that there is a clinical need, or feels that there are unacceptable risks associated with giving a drug, then they are quite within their professional right to refuse - no matter who ordered it in the first place. Your Rhumy didn't prescribe any med just suggested trying something different which left the clinical decision to the GP,, even if the consultant had given you a prescription for a different med your GP could have legally refuse to prescribe it when you needed a repeat script, this is the way it is.

    However I would make an appointment and explain to your Dr that you really would like to try and see if perhaps something else may work better for you,,,, having said that speaking from my own experience would doubt that any of us are pain free on what ever meds we take,, some meds however do help me through my experience with the condition.

    I personally think that your Dr is being a little inflexible in his attitude but I would give him a second chance and just ask if you can work together to see if something else might work better for you,,, if they refuse I would then search out a more understanding Dr who will at least qualify his decisions with an explanation.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of your situation wit your GP, and I would definitely visit a different GP and go through this again to ascertain if they will do something about your health problems.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi I'm sorry to hear about you troubles with your GP I suffer low Vit D was on injections every 3 months up until a year or so ago then the Dr told me due to cuts in the NHS they could not prescribe it anymore but I have managed with the tablets from health shop I still have a blood test every 3 to 4 months and what I do is when every I have a blood test I get the receptionist to print me a copy and keep an eye on things myself because if something is low it will say on the result paper that way I can see what is what and if anything has dropped. Hope this helps. And you work things out.

  • I hadn't realised this was the case for D3. I was refused D3 on the grounds that my levels were fine. I asked if they could give me frequent blood tests with the levels to avoid toxicity and they said no. im ok at the moment and don't see to struggle with d3 deficiency.

  • My rheumatologist also thought i may have been coeliac due to the same deficiencies. I tested negative howevr do find a difference on a gluten free diet, havent had as low blood counts since though i do also take my own vit d.

    Problem is GP's are now controlling budgets, something they never wanted to do, but unfortunatly they decide what happens with your pot - and this includes all that is done at the hospital which is why they may refuse stuff.

  • Thank at least i am not the only one x x x Does this syndrome not make you feel as if your mad

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